Blooming dales school annual function

Bloomians enthralled audience at Annual Function ceremony

3 years ago

The Annual Function of Blooming Dales School was celebrated on Sunday, December 29, 2019. The Deputy Speaker Sh. Ranbir Singh Gangwa and the Bollywood actor Mr. Yashpal Sharma were the chief guests at the gleaming function.  The spectacular evening began with the auspicious lighting of the ceremonial lamp by the distinguished guests. The program commenced with the Hanuman Chalisa and after that plethora of dances and skits showcasing cultural diversity and social issues prevailing in the society were performed. The audience comprising of the parents and guests was captivated by the enchanting performances of the students.

Blooming dales school annual function report
Chief Guests of Annual Function
Ranbir Singh Gangwa & Yashpal Sharma
Annual Function images and news
Hanuman Chalisa Dance
Students Dance
Dance Performance
Dance Performance

Chairperson of school Mr. Atri Sharma and Administrator Himanshu Sharma presented the annual report highlighting the academic achievements of the school students and awarded the rank holders.

Blooming dales school annual function
Students awarded at Annual function

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