Bill Gates buys world-first hydrogen-powered superyacht

3 years ago

Microsoft Co-founder and second richest person in the world “Bill Gates” has just purchased a superyacht with the price tag of whopping $644 million dollars (Rs, 4600 crores). This superyacht is a world-first hydrogen-powered yacht. In particular, this superyacht will only be used during the holidays.

Image Source: Sinot

The Aqua Superyacht which is designed Sinot is purchased by Bill Gates, it is a luxurious superyacht. This superyacht is nearly 370 feet long and it has five decks. The superyacht will run on liquid hydrogen fuel. It is claimed to be the first superyacht to run on liquid hydrogen. This superyacht is loaded with many features like an infinity pool, spa, gym, massage parlour, beauty room etc

Since it is the world first hydrogen-powered yacht, this superyacht will run on liquid hydrogen. It has two vacuum-sealed hydrogen tank loaded with liquid hydrogen and both tanks have 28 tons of weight, this is the most advanced thing in the yacht or we can say that it is the main engine of a yacht which will accelerate this yacht easily. The temperature of liquid hydrogen which inflated in the tanks is nearly -253 degree Celcius.

Image Source: Sinot
Image Source: Sinot

Talking about its design, the yacht’s designer said last year, “I challenge my team and myself with every project and we meet these challenges together.” For the development of Aqua, we took inspiration from the lifestyle of intelligent and distant thinking people. For this reason, we combined the liquid versatility of water and state-of-the-art technology to create a superyacht with a liquid hydrogen fuel system. ”

This yacht will be fully ready till 2024 and liquid hydrogen-powered system mage this yacht eco-friendly.

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