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Bhediya trailer: Varun Dhawan changes into “mythical  Bhediya” having Dracula teeth and a tail

1 year ago

Bhediya trailer:  Varun Dhawan’s upcoming movie Bhediya Trailer has been released. It is the story of a scary wolf.  Varun’s journey is shown in the trailer how does he behave like a wolf after a wolf bite?

The Bhediya trailer starts with Varun Dhawan, sleeping in his room. Varun was having a dream, that a wolf comes to kill him and he is shouting for help. He wants to save himself from the wolf. In the trailer, it is shown that a wolf eats Varun. Varun’s Friends were shocked to see his antics after being bitten by the wolf.

In the trailer, Varun aka Bhaskar tells Kriti Sanon (Co-star) about the changes in his body, after a bite by a mythical Bhediya. In the clip, every night Varun behaves like a wolf, he eats like a wolf, and he also likes the smell of dead animals that turns into fragrance for him. Varun Dhawan gets furious at his friends when the wolf inside him awakened. He compares his fingernails to a sharp object and his teeth to Dracula. He explained to his friends that at night he also gets a tail and all dogs called him uncle. At the end of the trailer, Varun as a wolf is seen attacking his friends.

Bhediya Movie Trailer

Varun and Kriti are playing the main lead in the film. This movie will hit theatres on November 25, 2022, in 2D and 3D. The Bhediya movie is produced by Dinesh Vijan.

Varun Dhawan release the Bhediya Trailer in Hindi, Tamil and Telugu version with the caption, “इस कहानी का नाम है #Bhediya!🐺🔥 Presenting the official trailer of India’s first creature-comedy, Bhediya! In cinemas on 25th Nov in 2D &3D. #BhediyaTrailer

 Hindi Trailer:

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