things to do in Mumbai

Best things to do in Mumbai

3 years ago

Today we will be telling you everything that you must do when in Mumbai. Doesn’t matter if you live in or out of Mumbai! After reading this post you will know exactly how, when, and which place to visit.

Mumbai is a big city and one of the most populous cities. And there are numerous places that you can visit.

Today we will be telling you all the places you can visit and all the things you must do when you visit that particular place.

So, let us begin your Mumbai Darshan!

#Beaches in Mumbai

There are more than 10 beaches in Mumbai that stretch from Marine Drive to Versova. Each beach has got its own specialty. Here are some unique things you can do on these beaches.

  1. Sit and relax at night on Marine Drive

Marine Drive is one of the busiest spots in Mumbai. Yes, even at night it is bustling with traffic, chai walas, and bhel walas. It is totally worth sitting and staring at the sea all night. It is safe for women too.

2. Ice Candy

Yes, there is no novelty in eating ice candy. But eating an ice candy on the beach is a whole another thing. Fresh Ice candies are available on all the beaches starting merely from Rs. 10 to Rs. 100 we can get some best candy.

3. Cutting Chai and Street Food

Again we have all had experienced street food, but having street food and cutting chai on the beach is a whole another thing

4. Photography on Gateway of India

You will find many photographers with their DSLRs and Go-Pros on Gateway of India.  That is because the Gateway of India is a very picturesque location. With huge and old stone structures in the front and sprawling blue sea at the back, Gateway of India is a very popular photography destination and rightly so.

Best things to do In Mumbai
Best things to do In Mumbai

5. Walk on the sand

Especially during the sunsets! Any beaches have cold winds blowing that are very mild. Just walking on the sand and water during this time are some of the most underrated things to do in Mumbai.

#Holy Places in Mumbai

Even though Mumbai is a metropolitan city, it has got numerous holy places that are visited by thousands of people every day.

  1. Visit the heart of Mumbai

The name “Mumbai” is derived from the name Mumba Devi or the Fisherwoman avatar of the Goddess Parvati. Although the temple is old it is worth visiting

Best things to do In Mumbai

2. Pray at Siddhivinayak Temple

It is the most visited temple in Mumbai. It is said to fulfill all your wishes and dreams. The temple sees thousands of devotees visit on Tuesday which is the day of Ganesha. The temple also hosts regular meals for its visitors and devotees.

3. Visit the water bound Dargha

Haji Ali is a  very popular place to visit for Muslims and Hindus as well. It is situated near Worli. It is a Dargha of Pir Saab Haji Ali Shah Bukhari. It is situated far off coast in the water.

Best things to do In Mumbai
Best things to do In Mumbai

4. Visit one of the oldest Churches of Mumbai

Best things to do In Mumbai
Best things to do In Mumbai

Basilica of our lady of the Mount is the church situated in the Bandra region of Mumbai. It is visited by Koli Christians and Christians as well. It is located on the mountain near Bandra Bandstand. It is a very beautiful church located in Bandra.

5. Visit the Peshwa Temple of Mumbai

Although it is located a bit far from Mumbai in Virar, Vajreshwari temple is the temple of the Goddess Vajreshwari the local deity. The original temple was destroyed by the Portuguese but after conquering the Bassein Fort of Virar, Chimaji Appa, the brother of Bajirao-I gave the orders to rebuild it. The Peshwa reign Temples are most popular in Pune, but this temple has significance since the time of Chatrapati Shivaji Maharaj. The temple is surrounded by 20 hot springs and other natural destinations. Overall this Temple is a good spot for a one day trip. In fact, it is a very popular destination even for people who live in Mumbai as a getaway!

Best things to do In Mumbai
Best things to do In Mumbai

#Shopping in Mumbai

At Mumbai, you can get some of the best products at a very low price. Right from clothes to accessories to antiques you can get them all and at a very cheap price.

  1. Buy branded clothes at a cheaper rate!

Situated near Marine Lines, Fashion Street is the ultimate shopping destination for western clothes. There are vendors with their wooden kiosks selling the best of the clothes. The prices are highly bargainable. You can get some amazing clothes here.

Best things to do In Mumbai
Best things to do In Mumbai

2. Buy amazing accessories for yourself and your home

Colaba Causeway as the name suggests is located in Colaba and it is the ultimate shopping destination. People from all across the world visit to shop at Colaba Causeway. This is the best place to buy accessories like purses, belts, and shoes etc.

3. Shop for antiques

Chor Bazaar is the official flea Market of Mumbai. It was originally known as Shor market and the best place to shop for antiques. You can even get things as old as 100 years.

Best things to do In Mumbai
Best things to do In Mumbai

4. Become fashionable at Linking road

Situated in Bandra, Linking road is much like Fashion Street is the shopping destination. Here you will find shops, kiosks, food stalls restaurants, and clubs.

5. Shop for Bollywood movies like lehengas

If you are the one who loves to wear traditional clothes,  do visit the Hindmata cloth market located in Dadar.  A wholesale market for all traditional wear including sarees, salwar kameez, chaniya choli, etc that are available at a good price.

#Commute in Mumbai

Traveling from one part of the city to another requires one of the following things and when in Mumbai you must use one of the following traveling ways.

  1. Ferry Ride in Arabian Sea
Best things to do In Mumbai
Best things to do In Mumbai

Mumbai has some Islands around it like Murud, Madh Island, etc. Also, there are some parts in Mumbai that are flanked by the sea, and going to the other part of the cities requires you to travel by ferry or a bigger boat. There are regular ferries available around the coasts of Mumbai at very reasonable prices.

2. The Double Decker of Mumbai

Double Decker Buses are very popular in Mumbai. They are similar to single-tier buses but they are worth traveling. Sitting on the second tier of the bus almost feels like sitting on the rooftop.

3. Travel by Mumbai’s Life Line

Local trains are called the LifeLine of Mumbai. They traverse right from Mumbai CST to Boisar. They are available on 3 routes Central, Western, and Harbour Line. If in Mumbai, Do not miss traveling via Local Trains.

Best things to do In Mumbai
Best things to do In Mumbai

Pro Tip: When traveling via Local Trains, make sure you catch these three things. First is Dabewale. You might spot them carrying huge and a lot of Dabbas. Second, are singing beggars. They have voice quality better than most Bollywood singers. And third is try a striking conversation with any fellow passenger. You might find them playing cards, sharing dabbas, and exchanging gifts.

3. Must take a “Rikshaw”

There are chances that you have to travel by auto-rickshaw as no other option to that. It is one of the primary sources of travel. The most astounding thing about traveling by Autos is the Autowalas and their hostility.

#Places to Eat in Mumbai

Mumbai is famous for its mixed culture. Different people from different backgrounds show a different food culture. That’s why Mumbai food has everything for everyone.

  1. Savour Vada Pav and Cheese Dosas
Best things to do In Mumbai
Best things to do In Mumbai

The street food of Mumbai is yummy and easily available.  You will find food right from pani puri, pav bhaji to Poha, Upma, Chai, etc. You won’t have to find street food, it is available at any time and anywhere in Mumbai.

2. Experience the “Bun Muska” of Irani Cafe

Some parts of old Bombay have Irani Cafes that are famous for their chai and Bun Muska. Their special old interiors and architectures attract chai lovers.

3. College ka Khana

Many college canteens in Mumbai are open to outsiders. You will find food at a very cheap rate here. Visit atleast once to one of the college canteens in Mumbai.

4. Chicken Biryani at Muhammad Ali Road

The heaven of Non-Veg lovers is Muhammad Ali road especially during the time of Eid. People enjoy Biryani, Sheer Kurma, Kheer and other Dishes here. It remains open during the night so definitely go and enjoy at least once here.

5. Visit the oldest bakeries of India

Best things to do In Mumbai
Best things to do In Mumbai

In Mumbai, there are some very old bakeries that are very popular and serve secret dishes. These bakeries have legacies lasting as long as 100 years. Get early in the morning to have those secret dishes as they get sold out by 10 AM.

#Art in Mumbai

Let us look at a few places where you can go if you wish to explore art and paintings in the city.

  1. Art Galleries

There are many art galleries showing various paintings, photos, sculptures for display, and for sale as well.

Best things to do In Mumbai
Best things to do In Mumbai

2. Art Festivals

There are various festivals held all around the year in Mumbai (except for Rainy seasons) like Kalaghoda, Ballard festival etc specifically for fine arts like painting, sculpting, model making etc. You must visit at least one of these festivals.

3. Dance Festivals

Many theatre dance festivals happen around the city like NCPA where artists from all over the world come to perform.

Best things to do In Mumbai
Best things to do In Mumbai

4. Film Festivals

Mumbai film festivals show feature films, documentaries, short films, and Bollywood movies.

5. College Festivals

The big colleges like IITs celebrate huge college festivals every year where many popular artists perform.  

#Filmy Life in Mumbai

Best things to do In Mumbai
Best things to do In Mumbai
  1. Meet your favorite celebrity

If you are a Shahrukh Khan’s fan, then you must try to get a glimpse of him by roaming near to his house ‘ Mannat’ and if you’re lucky enough, you can catch him in his balcony waving at you.

Best things to do In Mumbai
Best things to do In Mumbai

2. Selfie at Walk of Stars

Walk of Stars inspired by the Walk of Fame in Hollywood is at Bandra Bandstand Promenade. It has statues, handprints, signatures of various present and past stars of the Bollywood film Industry. Take a selfie with your favorite star wax statue.

3. DDLJ at Maratha Mandir

Yes, Dilwale Dulhaniya Le Jaenge is still showcased in Mumbai’s Maratha Mandir at 11.30am every day. It has price only Rs. 30/- and Rs 50/- you should definitely watch the film in this old theatre.

4. Prithvi Theatre and Prithvi Cafe

Many industry professionals, actors, TV actors have begun their journey from Prithvi Theatre. Even today much professional play held in the theatre.

5. Watch shooting at Madh Island and Film City

The sets of many TV serials and Films are there in the Film city and Madh Island. You can spot your favorite actor and actress while shooting here.

Best things to do In Mumbai
Best things to do In Mumbai

#Heritage South Bombay

South Bombay was one of the earliest settlements of the British that’s why the place has very old gothic style stone architecture.

  1. HorniMan Circle

Horniman Circle is a park in the Fort having typical stone arcades over the shops and offices. It was built in 1842. Today it houses many music and dance festival.

Best things to do In Mumbai
Best things to do In Mumbai

2. Experience the Architecture at Ballard Estate

Ballard Estate just like Horniman Circle has stone architecture. It houses  head offices of various banks and software companies.

3. Visit Asiatic Library

Asiatic Library or also known as Mumbai City Hall is a very popular location in Mumbai. It was built by Britishers in the 19th Century. Outside is a magnificent architecture similar to the Greek libraries. Inside you can see stone sculptures and old wooden cupboards managed by the Asiatic Society Library.

Best things to do In Mumbai
Best things to do In Mumbai

4. Cuff Parade

Cuff Parade is a popular business location in Mumbai. Situated in Colaba it has many business complexes.

5. Visit the Hill top Garden

Hanging Garden is the famous garden in the Walkeshwar area of Mumbai situated on the top the hill and hence is called hanging garden. The view of Arabian Sea is amazing from the park.

#Nature Parks in Mumbai

Best things to do In Mumbai
Best things to do In Mumbai
  1. Experience Wildlife

Sanjay Gandhi National Park is the biggest wildlife park in Mumbai. It covers a major area such as Borivali Jogesgwari etc. It houses many wild animals such as Lions Tigers Deers etc. 

2. Aarey ki Lassi at Aarey Forrest

Aarey Forest is in the Powai region in Mumbai. Arey Forrest lies towards the south of Sanjay Gandhi National Park and has got Jogeshwari Link road near the forest. The forest has about spread in 1300 hectares of area. It is the largest forest area situated completely inside a metropolitan city. Arey Forest is home to Arey Milk colony. It also has about 5- 6 tribal inhabitants that live in about 27 hamlets or “padas”

3. Mahim Park

Mahim Nature Park is a Garden near Dharavi village. What one wouldn’t believe looking at this lush green forest is that there are thousands of piles of plastic, feaces, animal carcass and other forms of human waste under it as it was a dumping ground until the year 1994. It is one of the most unique spot to visit as it is a man-made jungle and is in between the city.

Best things to do In Mumbai
Best things to do In Mumbai

4. Veer Jijamata Udyan

Veer Jijamata is the popular Zoo of Mumbai located in Byculla region in Mumbai. It has a garden that houses various unique plants. Along with that in the 50 acres of area, there is also a museum called Dr Bhau Daji Lad Museum.

5. Hiking at Parsik hill

Parsik Hills is situated in Thane district having a rail tunnel that is the longest and oldest in Asia. Parsik hills houses many unique Flora and Fauna. Parsik Hills sprawl from Kalwa to Navi Mumbai. Many people living in Navi Mumbai prefer Parsik Hill as walking or as a hiking destination.

So there you have it, the list of awesome things you can do and places you can visit when in Mumbai. We hope you find them useful. Also, if we might have missed any of your favourite places let me know in the comments below!

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