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Lebanon is a beautiful country located in Western Asia bordered by Syria and Israel across the Mediterranean Sea. Lebanon is a wonderful country to see and visitors can see an amalgamation of different religions over here. There are many beautiful places to see in Lebanon as it is the ‘Paris of the Middle East’.

Lebanon has a magnificent architecture which adds to the uniqueness and beauty of the country. Traveling to Lebanon and visiting tourist places in Lebanon is an experience of a lifetime.

Here are some famous places to visit in Lebanon


Places to visit in lebanon

Jeita Grotto is a famous place to visit in Lebanon and it is on the top list of every traveler’s itinerary.  This place was discovered in 1836 by Reverend William Thomson and is famous for its cultural and historical importance. The place was damaged in 1978 in the Lebanese Civil War and reconstructed again in 1995. Travelers can reach the place through a cable car.  The place is divided into two sections. The first one is a lower section that can be explored through a boat ride and another one is the upper section, and to reach here travelers have to go through a beautiful bridge. Cameras inside the premises are strictly prohibited.


Places to visit in lebanon

Baatara Waterfall is one of the best places to visit in Lebanon. It is considered one of the most beautiful waterfalls in the world. Natural rocks formed around the place, millions of years ago make it more beautiful. The place is also called ‘Three Bridges Chasm’ because of the three bridges that are hanging above the Limestone Cave and it is believed that the cave exists from the time when Dinosaurs exist.


Places to visit in lebanon

The Byblos Wax Museum is a small but famous place to see in Lebanon. It is a well-maintained museum with narrow halls. Museum takes you on the ride from Phoenician times to modern times. From Adonis to Kahlil Gebran, the museum tries to include the city’s history in a very small place.


Places to visit in lebanon

Bacchus Temple is located in the ancient city of Baalbek, also called ‘The City of the Sun’. It is the most famous temple in Lebanon having beautiful Roman architecture. The Romans built the temple and named it the Temple of Bacchus. It is one of the most celebrated sanctuaries of the ancient world. The massive structure of the temple was dedicated to the Roman god of the wine, Bacchus. It is the most beautiful temple in the Roman World that has an entrance decorated with grapes and vines, and the ceilings with various images of the Bacchus.


Places to visit in lebanon

The Cedars of Barouk is a famous tourist place in Lebanon. It is basically a tree that is the national emblem of Lebanon. The wood of this tree is famous as it is resistant and rot-proof. In ancient times the wood of this tree was used by Phoenicians to build their boats. The king of Jerusalem named Solomon used the wood of this tree to build his temple. The place is famous for its beauty and calmness.


Places to visit in lebanon

Lady of Lebanon is a famous pilgrimage site in Lebanon. This site is owned by the Maronite Church was established in 1904. The Lady of Lebanon statue is 8.5 meters long and made up of bronze having a weight of 15 tons. The statue outstretched its hands towards Beirut. This is the most famous place to visit in Lebanon.


Places to visit in lebanon

Raouche is famous and must-visit a place in Lebanon. It is located in Lebanon’s capital city Beirut. The place is famous as the natural wonders of Beirut as it is a wonderful set of rocks along with a beautiful sea that makes the place attractive. A spectacular sunset at the place makes it more beautiful.


Places to visit in lebanon

Chowan Waterfall is another famous place to visit in Lebanon, that attract visitors. It is a must-visit place while traveling to Lebanon. The clear and natural water runs across the mountains and looks stunning. It is a paradise of natural beauty and nature lovers love this place.


Places to visit in lebanon

Lady of Nourieh is the famous Marian shrine in Lebanon. It is also known as ‘Lady of Light’. A monastery is also situated in mountain tops of Hamat in Lebanon. It is a beautiful place that offers a breathtaking view of the ocean.


Places to visit in lebanon

Lake Qaraoun is an artificial reservoir and the largest freshwater body in Lebanon. The lake is beautiful and visitors can explore the lake by boat riding. Delicious seafood and marine dishes from nearby eateries are a must to do.


Places to visit in lebanon

It is a historic place to visit in Lebanon that houses some of the most important monasteries in the world. It is famous because of its historic value and amazing natural view.


Places to visit in lebanon

Mzaar Kfardebian ski zone is one of the most picturesque and famous mountain resorts in Lebanon. The submerged Mount Lebanon landscape is totally incredible. Having a height of up to 2465m, Mzaar remains snow-covered for most of the time.


Places to visit in lebanon

Zaitunay Bay is located around Beirut Marina. On the other part of Zaitunay Bay, a yacht club is there. The luxuries incorporate a pool deck and bar, club café, relax bar, library, game room, and wellness.


Places to visit in lebanon

The Temple of Eshmun is an ancient place of worship dedicated to Eshmun, the Phoenician god of healing, and a must to visit place in Lebanon. The sanctuary features a wealth of different architectural and decorative styles and influences as it has seen many invaders.


Places to visit in lebanon

Waves Aqua Park is one of the greatest water parks in the Middle East, and in Lebanon. It looks astounding as it is based on a pine- slope, and consists of water slides which make it a special, exciting, fun experience for everyone.


Places to visit in lebanon

The “stone of the pregnant women” or stone of the south is a roman stone monument. Along with another old stone square close by, it is among the biggest stone monuments ever. There are numerous stories behind the name, which are truly fascinating to learn.


Places to visit in lebanon

The national museum of Beirut is an archeological gallery in Lebanon and must to visit the place. The assortment began after World War I, and the exhibition hall opened in 1942. There are around 100,000 pieces in its assortment which are generally relics running from ancient occasions to the middle age Mamluk period.


Places to visit in lebanon

Sursock is a workmanship historical center that was opened in 1961 is one of the best places to visit in Lebanon. The Sursock museum which is popularly known as the Nicolas Ibrahim Sursock Museum is a contemporary workmanship historical center in Beirut, Lebanon.


Places to visit in lebanon

Beit Ed-Dine palace is a nineteenth-century castle situated in Lebanon that is known for facilitating the Beit Ed-Dine celebration and furthermore houses the exhibition hall which makes it worth happening. The development of this castle began in 1788 and it was finished in around 30 years. The legends state that the ruler cut off the hands of the designer’s so that another wonder can’t be made. This is an exceptional wonder which holds great significance in Lebanon.

MARTYRS SQUARE                                

Places to visit in lebanon

The current martyr’s square is a notable place to visit in Lebanon. In the current day, this is one of the renowned spots to observe the regular citizen fights and assembling. Shaped and named in the year 1931, this spot was an image of recognition for the saints who executed the ottoman guideline.

The above-mentioned places are beautiful, attractive, and must to visit in Lebanon. Whenever you will visit the country visit these places.

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