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Best Gyms in Bhiwani: Fitness Training center in Bhiwani

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Bhiwani is a city that comes under the municipal council of the Bhiwani district. Bhiwani city has its strong presence in the boxing field that’s why it is also known as Little Cuba in India. A multitude of Indian boxers hails from Bhiwani.  From the following lines, we can see that Bhiwani is a place where games, fitness, and strength building lies in the soil. To train the young blood towards fitness, Bhiwani has many gyms providing different types of fitness programs, unique training facilities, and experienced and skilled staff and management.

In this article, Explore the 10 Best Gyms in Bhiwani for your fitness regimen. 


Gyms in Bhiwani : Surya Gym
Gyms in Bhiwani : Surya Gym

Surya gym of Bhiwani is a multi-training and fitness training center. The multiple training facilities like weight training, cardiovascular training, powerlifting as well as bodybuilding training under experienced trainers are available here. Mr. Surya, owner, and trainer of the gym also provide the arm wrestling training.    

ADDRESS:- Bhiwani center jail Bypass Road, Bhiwani – Hansi Rd, Friends Colony, Bhiwani, Haryana 127021


Gyms in Bhiwani : Smart Fitness point
Gyms in Bhiwani : Smart Fitness point

If you want to do the workout with advanced training techniques and equipment, then this gym is the best gym in Bhiwani for you. The gym trainers are skilled and experienced and provide best-in-class services in the health and fitness industry. They have almost all types of advanced machines for strength training.

ADDRESS:- 20, Adarsh Nagar, Naya Bazar, Housing Board Colony, Bhiwani, Haryana 127021


Gyms in Bhiwani : National Gym
Gyms in Bhiwani : National Gym

If you want to transform your body at a minimum cost but with maximum intensity, then the National gym of Bhiwani is best for you. Here you can avail aerobics, cardio training, and strength training under the proper guidance of the instructor. Here, the main focus is given to body toning, fat reduction, and muscle gaining. The owner of the gym gives personalized training sessions, that’s makes the National Gym a great fitness training center in Bhiwani.

ADDRESS :- Bhiwani – Rohtak Rd, Bank Colony, Old Bharat Nagar, Bhiwani, Haryana 127021


Gyms in Bhiwani : Divine Gym
Gyms in Bhiwani : Divine Gym

The owner and the main instructor of the gym, Sanjay Bhardwaj is having 20 years of experience in the fitness industry, his experience is enough to express the quality of training sessions available at Divine Gym in Bhiwani.  The trainers strive to satisfy the client’s expectations and help in achieving their fitness goals. One to one sessions are conducted on a regular basis where clients can easily ask for their queries. The Divine Gym is the best Gym in Bhiwani as its 4 trainers are bodybuilding title holders.

ADDRESS :- Chiriyaghar Rd, Housing Board Colony, Bhiwani, Haryana 127021


Gyms in Bhiwani : Super sonic Gym
Gyms in Bhiwani : Super sonic Gym

In the list of Best Gyms in Bhiwani, Super Sonic Gym is one of them. The supersonic gym offers talented, experienced trainers and advanced training equipment to train.  The gym has a separate cross-fit section where you can burn calories more than you expected. Mr. Manjeet Sharma is the owner and the trainer always gives his 100% in training their clients. The quality of services offered is world-class at Super Sonic Gym.  

ADDRESS:- Daber Colony, Bhiwani, Haryana 127021


Gyms in Bhiwani : Powerhouse club
Gyms in Bhiwani : Powerhouse club

Another great fitness center in Bhiwani is the Powerhouse Club. It’s a full-fledged training and fitness center providing best-in-class training sessions. The gym is fully equipped with UK and GERMAN technology-based equipment. The gym is the best gym in Bhiwani as it offers cardio training, aerobics session, body toning, muscle pump up, yoga classes, and personal training services to its clients.

ADDRESS :-Near kaunt road Kanal, Shanti Nagar, Bhiwani, Haryana 127021


The limitless fitness club is not only a gym, but it’s a fitness club that is specialized in helping every individual to achieve their proper health and fitness by implementing the various training methods. Physical movement activity puts a positive impact on every individual and increases their participation in performing exercises and meditation classes.

ADDRESS:- Jalan Nagar, M.C.Colony, Bhiwani, Haryana 127021, India


Dynamic gym of Bhiwani offers personal training services, advanced and manual equipment, aerobics classes, Zumba sessions, and cardio-vascular activities with fully air-conditioned and proper ventilation sections.  The activities and services make the dynamic gym, the best gym in Bhiwani.

ADDRESS:-Raman Kiryana Store, Near Rewati, Rudra Colony, Birla Colony, Bhiwani, Haryana 127021


Hype -the gym is fast growing gym chain in India.  Its branch located in Bhiwani offers group classes in crush fitness, power ABS, Boxing/kick Boxing, functional fitness, weight training, and others. Hype has a fitness studio that offers an opportunity to learn new formats of fitness. This is one of the great fitness centers in Bhiwani.

ADDRESS:- M.C.Colony, Bhiwani, Haryana 127021


Unique gym is unique in its services. It is like an adventurous place where you can do your training with thrill and fun. To give your body a good shape and stamina, the gym has different blocks for weight training and cardio workout. The Yoga training session provided by unique gym can help increase your flexibility. Bodybuilding championship training is available for both male and female in the unique gym of Bhiwani.

ADDRESS:-Manheru – Bhiwani Link Rd, Shanti Nagar, Surya Nagar, Bhiwani, Haryana 127021

These are some of the Best gyms in Bhiwani that can help you in attaining fitness goals.  The list mentioned above is comprehensive in nature and not biased. If you would like to add any other gym of Bhiwani to the list, then comment below.

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