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Events or fairs and festivals in Tripura are a blend of religion and science which creates an astounding atmosphere of joviality and awe. The region of Tripura is majorly dominated by the people from the religion of India. Yet there are several other ethnic groups that make the State of Tripura a bundle of exotic cultural synthesis. The fairs or events and festivals are also incorporated by the Hindu Carnivals as well. And that adds more magnificence to the events or fairs and festivals of Tripura.

Even though Tripura doesn’t have a big list of events or fairs and festivals, they do have a few popular ones which shouldn’t be missed out by any chance.

Earlier natives of Tripura imposed several rules on people during the events or festivals which were considered stringent. Yet today they are lenient, hence providing a better experience for the people attending the events or fairs and festivals.

Let’s head forward and explore the best of events or fairs and festivals of Tripura which should be attended by the tourists.


Ashokastami Festival : Image via Internet

The Ashokastami Festival is held in Tripura with utmost pomp and glory; this is one of the very popular festivals in the State of Tripura. Since the majority population of Tripura is Hindus, the deities and rituals are also very much akin to the Hindu style of worship. But still one can easily find several other tribes in Tripura, perhaps giving one authentic justification as to why Tripura is said to have a bundle of exotic cultural synthesis.

The tribal people of Tripura majorly worship Gods and Goddesses in the animistic form. This is pertaining to the harmony of their sacred book referred to as the ‘Ochai’. Mela during these festive hours brings in the huge cultural intermingling where every creed of men and women are equally welcomed and appreciated to enjoy the charm of the festival or event or fairs.

Description of the Ashokastami Festival:

The Ashokastami Festival is widely associated with the action of a sacred dip in the holy river of Tripura. It is considered that devotees attain blessings of God after taking a bath in the consecrated river of Ashtami Kunda. At Unakoti as well, this is the main part of this festival where devotees fulfill it with heartfelt devotion.

Unakoti is basically the renowned land where aficionados gather during the ceremony of Makar Sankranti, Shiva Ratri, and Ashokastami Festival to take a sacred dip into the holy river.

  • Time of Celebration :

The Ashokastami Festival is also known as the Ashokastami Fair which is usually celebrated in the month of March or April which is based according to the movement of the moon which is also known as Tithi.


Boat Race in Tripura : Image via Internet

The boat race held in Tripura is one of the major and significant events of the State of Tripura. The boat race in Tripura gains a lot of attention from the rest of the world during this event. Several people dive into the river to compete with each other with their boats respectively and in the end, a winner is announced.

The attraction of this event is that people irrespective of their class, caste, religion, or community are welcomed and allowed to compete for a toss of win.

Tripura is a place with the vicinity of a lush green landscape with constant gorges and rivers. But down these rivers, people find sheer excitement for participating amidst the thrilling and cheering audience with full of hope and aspiration.

  • Time of Celebration :

The boat race is annually held in the month of August at Gandacherra or Melaghar respectively.


Garia Puja : Image via Internet

The people of Tripura adore Lord Garia for her eternal power and blessings. The festival of Garia Puja is celebrated in the State of Tripura because God Garia is considered to provide children, wealth, livestock, and children. She is more like Mother Shakthi who is considered to bless married women with children and is therefore majorly worshipped by the married women. Garia Puja is celebrated with utmost vigor and enthusiasm in the State of Tripura.

It is the carnival of the ethnic tribes and is actually celebrated with a dance concert at the end of the day. The majority of people of the tribe in the State of Tripura follow the Shakti cult while the rest worship Lord Vishnu with their heart and soul into devotion till today. Since they were the tribal and raw crowd of the land and their religion has been considered to be traditionally modified by the niche Hindu Religion, their form of rituals and worship is majorly animistic. They believe that God resides in nature and therefore all components of nature are entitled to God and Evil in equal terms.

Lord Garia is symbolized on a bamboo pole who is then worshipped with splendid flowers and garlands. The significant ingredients used for Garia Puja are rice beer, rice, cotton thread, fowl chick, wine, eggs, and earthen pots. According to the ancient rituals the fowl chick is sacrificed before the deity and later the blood of that fowl chick is strewn before the Garia Lord to gain blessings.

The performance during the Garia Carnival is also understood under the agreement of the ‘Ochai’ instructions. It is considered to not cross the shadow of the symbolic God because they believe that God Garia shall be annoyed due to such action of mere humans. To appease God, children sing and dance before God. Children also play drums before God.

  • Time of Celebration :

The Garia Puja is conducted at the end of the month of Chaitra, which is, April. This festival is conducted for seven consecutive days and is, therefore, this festival most admired carnivals for Tripura.


Kharchi Puja : Image via Internet

The Kharchi Puja is the most renowned Pujas in Tripura. This puja is considered to be a procedure to offer reference to nature or Mother Earth. People irrespective of their background collectively present fruits and flowers in order to appease the Goddess for the sake of achieving her blessings. The calm and serenity Tripura breathe during this festival is beyond words. The holy puja hums the tune of a magnificent feel.

The Kharchi Puja is celebrated for consecutive seven days and Tripurans with heartfelt dedication offer worship to the “Fourteen Deities” which is popularly referred to as “Kharchi Puja”. During Kharchi Puja, Tripurans dance with joy. Tribal and Non-Tribal all gather to fasten and shell out honor to nature or Mother Goddess Earth.

Agartala is the place where Tripurans worship, where people from the rest of the country gather to pay homage to the great Deity. The earth sustains the life of every child of hers, whether it be humans or animals or birds or plants, without which no one would survive. Thus the Tripurans worship her with devotion, affection, and dedication. To appease the Goddess, people in Agartala sacrifice goats and pigeons before the deity. Kharchi Puja is hence a beautiful ceremony for the locals.

  • Time of Celebration :

The Kharchi Puja is celebrated in the month of Shravan, that is, July.


Orange and Tourism Festival : Image via Internet

Orange and Tourism Festival is organized at the Jampui Hills in the State of Tripura which is the only land where delicious oranges are cultivated. The Orange and Tourism Festival is conducted to celebrate the bounty of nature. So Tripurans, remember the grace of God with heartfelt affection and without being disrespectful and taking disadvantages.

Jampui Hills is considered to be the highest hill in Tripura. Orange and Tourism Festival is conducted high above the hills which are approximately 3000 ft above the sea level. This is also considered as the best tourist spot in Tripura as well.

  • Time of Celebration :

Orange and Tourism Festival is held in the month of November.


Pous Sankranti Festival : Image via Internet

The Poush Sankranti Festival or Mela is one of the popular festivals held annually at Tripura. Poush Sankranti Festival or Mela is conducted with great zeal.

The Sun which undoubtedly enlightens our life is what is worshipped by the Tripurans at large. The Poush Sankranti Festival is held in the banks of River Gomati.

  • Time of Celebration :

The Poush Sankranti Festival or Mela is held in the month of Pousha which falls in the mid of January.

If you are in Tripura during any of this time period make sure you attend these events to experience their culture and traditional notions.

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