IIT Kanpur 54th convocation

Be Impatient to create an Aatmanirbhar Bharat said PM Modi at IIT Kanpur 54th convocation

1 year ago

Prime Minister Narendra Modi addressed the 54th convocation ceremony of IIT Kanpur (India institute of technology) today. While addressing the students, he encouraged students that “you have lived here the historical period of the grand legacy of IIT. You have lived the present, with the splendour of India, full of diversities. Legacy and Vibrant Present, on these two pillars, today you are going to start your journey of a bright future. May this journey be auspicious, full of successes for the country.

He also said that “IIT Kanpur has given you a massive canvas”. Now there is no fear of the Unknown, now we are moving ahead with the courage to explore the whole world. There is no longer Query of the unknown, now Quest for the best, dream of capturing the whole world.  The learning has happened in your classroom, or as much as you got to learn in your class, the more you have experienced outside your classroom, among your peers. Your ideas expanded in the classroom. Your personality has expanded outside the classroom.

What you earned at IIT Kanpur, your ideas that got enriched will become a strong foundation, force, with which you will do something new, do something unique, do some value addition wherever you go. Your today’s training, your skill, your knowledge, will definitely help you a lot to make a strong place in the practical world.

Speaking at the convocation at @IITKanpur

The Prime Minister also told the students about the train they have received, knowledge and skills they have obtained.  This will definitely help them in getting their place in the world.

Then he lauded the history of Kanpur and its diversity. “Kanpur is one of the few cities in India that is so diverse – from Satti Chaura Ghat to Madari Pasi, from Nana Saheb to Batukeshwar Dutt while travelling the city, it seems as if we are travelling to that glorious past, of the glory of the sacrifices of the freedom struggle,” said PM Modi.

“The Dandi March in 1930 had given a direction to the freedom movement. The youth who were 20–25-year-old then experienced their golden phase in 1947. You are stepping into a similar golden era of your lives,” he added.

Just before his address, the Prime Minister inaugurated a blockchain-driven system to deliver educational degrees. This is a massive leap in the field of technology, he said, adding that the 21st century is completely technology dive.

“Even in this decade, technology is going to increase its dominance in different fields. Life without technology would now be incomplete in a way. This is the age of competition of life and technology and I am sure you will definitely get ahead in this,” said PM Modi.

 He also appealed to the students to be impatient to create an Aatmanirbhar Bharat (self-reliant India).

The event was attended by chief minister Yogi Aditya Nath, Utter Pradesh governor and other leaders. After a year, the institute held a physical convocation as it was held online last year due to covid-19.

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