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Technology has made great advancements over the past two decades. New and new technology has taken over the market and has given us some of the best products which are of great use in this changing world. The concept of smart-watches was introduced much earlier when people suggesting a move from the normal analog and digital watches to something much more than a watch.

Apple and Samsung started developing the smartwatches and they soon became a feature. Developing from that idea, companies stated producing fitness bands that are like smartwatches but they take a deeper dive toward the health aspect with heart rates, blood pressure, fitness regimes, and other aspects. This tends to help people monitor their health and as well as daily lifestyle and sync with it so that they can maintain fitness. A lot of companies have introduced fitness bands but this product Amazon Halo band is something of another level. It is a level up over other fitness bands and a possible look at how the future holds when it comes to this aspect of technology. Amazon Halo Band is a combination of fitness band and smartphone that will help you detect most of the major and minor issues with your health and you can modify it according to your wish.


One of the biggest multinational company Amazon is located in Seattle, United States of America. It is taken as one of the Big Four companies of the world alongside Google, Apple, and Facebook. Originally started as an online bookselling company by chairman Jeff Bezos, the company has expanded its market to online video streaming, online market, cloud computing and is one of the pioneers in the making of AI or Artificial Intelligence and has since then continued the trend in making AI gadgets.

Amazon has a wide range of distribution in its market with online marketing being its first and most profitable area. But other aspects like Amazon Prime, the online video streaming platform, Amazon Music, amazon studios, and Twitch gaming are its subsidiary areas of marketing now. The Amazon Alexa is one of the most used Chatbot AI all over the world. The company has also reached out in its online reading platform with Kindle and has also launched the Fire tablets, Echo and Fire TV. Amazon has also purchased the whole food market in the US and has left a mark in almost all the sectors of work.


Amazon recently said about its latest product, Amazon halo and Amazon Halo Band which is exclusively available for the US and early access to the signed up customers and the original product is still on its way with people assuming the launch by the end of the year. It is the first fitness tracker launched by Amazon. We will take a look at the features of the Amazon Halo band and what are the main aspects of it.

Amazon Halo Band
Amazon Halo Band


Unlike many fitness trackers, the Amazon Halo doesn’t have a screen – you will have to interact with it via a smartphone or tablet app. The Halo is formed of a cloth band, which you’ll be getting in three sizes (small, medium, and large) and three colors (black, pink, or a silvery light blue). There’s also a sort-of ‘body’ for the Halo, which houses the sensor that may be gathering all of your health data from you.

The band lacks increasingly standard options like GPS, Wi-Fi, or cellular radio, another sign that it’s meant to be a more laid-back reasonably tracker. There is the presence of other sensors as well like the accelerometer, temperature and pulse sensor, and the presence of a microphone. The microphones aren’t for chatting with Alexa, by the way, they’re there for the voice tone feature. there’s explicitly no Alexa integration. It communicates along with your phone via Bluetooth, and it would work equally well with both iPhones and Android phones.

Amazon Halo Band
Amazon Halo Band

The below lists tells us the feature and uses of the Amazon Halo Band and the Halo App.


The app instructs you to click photos of your body wearing tight clothes preferably the undergarments and takes photos from 4 angles and do a 3-D scan and send the data to the servers. Once you have got the 3D scan, Amazon uses machine learning to research it and calculate your body fat percentage. Amazon argues that body fat percentage could be a more reliable indicator of health than either weight or body mass index. This feature is only available for users who are above the age of 18.

Amazon Halo Band
Amazon Halo Band


The microphone feature is not for talking but rather it will help the app judge your mood and vibe using the tone of your voice and will give you results based on machine learning. If you don’t opt-in, the microphone on the Band doesn’t do anything in the least. Once you choose in, the Halo app will have you ever read some text back to that so it can train a model on your voice. After that, the band will intermittently hear your voice and judge it on metrics like positivity and energy. It’s a passive and intermittent system, meaning that you simply can’t actively ask it to read your tone, and it’s not listening all of the time.

Amazon Halo Band
Amazon Halo Band


The data sent to amazon will be deleted as soon as your reports are made making that it can’t be used for any other purpose. The body scan data can be individually deleted from your cloud and no human access will ever see those data. The halo account will be different from all your amazon accounts and will only have your access to it making it one of the most secure databases.

Amazon Halo Band
Amazon Halo Band


The Halo Band can automatically detect activities like walking and running, but literally, every other variety of exercise will have to be manually entered into the app. The cardio exercises are monitored every week rather than daily. The heart monitor in the band will detect your heart rate and also tell your type of exercises like it being light moderate or intense activity. The app also monitors your sleep Time and will tell you your remaining or necessary hours of sleep that your body needs or requires so that your body regains full fitness the next day.


Amazon has partnered with several other third party sources in this build to make the band and the app even more user-friendly and accurate. A lot of labs have been deployed to monitor every aspect of the body and give a detailed report to the user.

To get access to most of the Amazon Halo’s cool features, you would like to pay membership. This membership is free for 6 months after you buy the band, then again it’ll start to cost you. Amazon Halo membership costs $3.99 per month.


The band will come around at $99 and will be exclusively released in the USA first.

The new age bands will provide you with a lot more access to your health and give a detailed report of your body. The Amazon Halo band looks exciting and people all over the world are eagerly waiting for the release of the band.

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