A special Lunar Eclipse is going to occur on 16th and 17th July will be visible from India.

3 years ago

India is going to witness the lunar eclipse. In India, the lunar eclipse will start from 12:13 am-midnight on 17th July. The eclipse will start as a partial lunar eclipse and it will reach full lunar eclipse at 3 am. The lunar eclipse will again enter into partial lunar eclipse at 4:29 and will finally end at 5:47. It will be a five hours long Lunar Eclipse. The Lunar Eclipse will be from the regions of Asia, Europe, Africa, Australia and South America.

What is Lunar Eclipse?

Lunar Eclipse occurs when Earth, Sun and Moon are aligned perfectly. This results in casting a shadow of Earth on Moon. The region where the Earth shadow is darkest is called Umbra and the region where the shadow of the Earth is partially dark is called Penumbra.

When Moon fully falls into the Umbra region where Earth’s shadow is darkest then it is called the full lunar eclipse and when Moon falls into the Penumbra where the shadow of Earth is partially dark then it is called partial lunar eclipse.

Why it is a Special Lunar Eclipse?

According to Indian Mythology, This lunar eclipse is going to occur on Guru Purnima which is occurring after 149 years that makes it a special lunar eclipse.

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