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Engineering is applicable in every field and chemical engineering is essential in the production of chemicals that are economically efficient, safe, and environment friendly. Human life is not possible without chemicals. An engineering degree in chemical engineering involves the study of the principals of physics, chemistry, biology, and maths to process the products on a large scale.

What is chemical engineering?

Chemical engineering involves the study of the production of chemicals, fuels, drugs, etc to meet the requirement of the customers. A chemical engineer develops new and improved chemical formulas that can cause boon to the manufacturing industry. This manufacturing industry can be anything from human fuel (food) to fuel ( petrol, diesel, etc.) the chemical engineers also work on the medical formulas to give the medical industry new drugs, also work in the research areas for nuclear weapons up-gradation and inventing any antidote for the virus.

Although there are specific engineering options say petroleum engineering, pharmacy courses that work specifically in that field, but chemical engineers are more on the test production methods and byproduct experiments.

There are process engineers as well who are responsible for the particular process in the reaction for example, there are engineers who are best in the oxidation of the chemical reaction.

Chemical engineers are an indispensable part of the paper industry, food industry, clothing industry, printing industry, etc. due to their valuable contribution in the respective fields.

Engineering and diploma options for chemical engineering

Diploma option after 10th standard

You can avail of two major options after 10th if it is clear in your mind to go for the profile of a chemical engineer from the beginning.

There are diploma courses available which you can do after the 10th. The best part of doing any diploma course is that you do not have to go for 11th and 12th standard anymore and after the completion of the course the admission for engineering is direct through lateral entry.

Lateral entry students are directly passed to the second year of Btech ( engineering degree which is of 4 years) and have to do only 3 years of Btech to get their graduation complete.

BTech chemical Engineering after 12th

If you are in your twelfth standard then availing the 4-year course into chemical engineering is the only option you have in your hands. There are integrated options available in the course as well, which includes BTech and MTech degree in one go.

Qualities of a chemical engineer

  • Analytical skills
  • Creativity
  • Ingenuity
  • Interpersonal skills
  • Problem-solving
  • Mathematical skills

Industries where chemical engineers can work

  • Rubber industry
  • Fertilizer industry
  • Cement industry
  • Public sector units
  • Paper & Pulp industry
  • Food industry
  • Chemicals manufacturing industries
  • Petroleum industry
  • Textiles industry
  • Aerospace industry
  • Plastic industry
  • Electronics industry

What does a chemical engineer responsible for doing?

  • Conduct research in various fields to develop new processes
  • Establish safety procedures for chemical industries
  • Develop process for the separation of different elements ( or chemicals ) from each other
  • Conduct testing, and monitor reactions
  • Install the equipments under safety guidelines and environment regulations.


  • Birla Institute of technology and science
  • Vellore institute of technology
  • Lovely university
  • Chandigarh university
  • BMS college of engineering
  • Ramaiah Institute of technology
  • AMC engineering college

The eligibility of enrolling in these colleges is only based upon your score in the entrance exam. You must have qualified high school with the score per the merit released by different colleges based on the entrance test.


  • ONGC ( oil and natural gas corporation limited )
  • GAIL ( gas authority of India limited )
  • BHEL (Bharat heavy electricals limited)
  • IOCL ( Indian oil corporation limited )
  • CIL ( Coal India Limited )
  • NTPC ( national thermal power corporation )
  • NALCO (a national aluminum company limited )
  • SAIL (  Steel Authority of India Limited )


  • What are the course options for chemical engineering?

Ans: The BTech degree for chemical engineering is the fundamental course that you have to complete in the process of being called a chemical engineer. After the completion of BTech, you can go for the following option for specialization 

  • Process engineering
  • Nanotechnology
  • Bioengineering
  • Plant design
  • Transport phenomena
  • Is chemical engineering a good career?

Ans: A chemical engineer is an asset to an organization. The jobs for a chemical engineer are available in both government and personal sectors. The average salary of a chemical engineer after Btech in India is somewhere between 2.4LPA to 5LPA

  • How many years does it desire to be a chemical engineer?

A 4-year course is mandatory to be called as a chemical engineer. Although you can opt for the integrated programs that offer undergraduate and postgraduate degrees in 5 years, and go for the specialized course according to your interest in the field.

Every field is best as per the interest of the individual. Chemical engineering is broad in terms of profile options available.

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