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A career in Aerospace Engineering

2 years ago

As the technology evolved, the study (which includes designing, manufacturing, and implementation) of aircraft, spacecraft, missile systems, etc has been advanced tremendously and with this demand for research and development in aerospace engineering has paved its way in engineering courses. As more no. of students aspire for a high-profile research-related job, aerospace engineering suits with the standards of best-salary in the industries.

What do you mean by aerospace engineering?

In simple terms, aerospace engineering plays around the designing and studying of machines that can fly. Aerospace engineering is the primary branch of aeronautics and astronomical engineering 

Aeronautics is more concerned with operating the spacecraft or aircraft within the atmosphere involving the techniques of designing the structure, manufacturing, and studying of flight-capable machines.

Astronomical or (cosmonautics) is majorly associated with the theoretical and practical knowledge of traveling outside of the earth’s surface (or atmosphere) or simply says in space.

Engineering and diploma options for an aerospace engineering  

Diploma option after 10th standard

You can avail of two major options after the 10th. There are diploma courses available for aeronautical engineering but not specifically for aerospace engineering.

There are diploma courses available which you can do after the 10th. The best part of doing any diploma course is that you do not have to go for 11th and 12th standard anymore and after the completion of the course the admission for engineering is direct through lateral entry.

Lateral entry students are directly passed to the second year of Btech (engineering degree which is of 4 years) and have to do only 3 years of Btech to get their graduation complete.

B Tech option after 12th standard

If you are in your twelfth standard then availing the 4-year course into aerospace engineering is the only option you have in your hands. For getting entry into the B.tech colleges and universities, students have to give JEE (Joint entrance examination) and on the basis of their percentile and counseling, they get the admission.

The various subjects under aerospace engineering are

  • Aerodynamics

The aerodynamics sector deals with the in-depth designing of  spacecraft vehicles. The students will be involved in research of smart icing systems, air-fuel technologies, tunnel designing, bio-inspired aerodynamics. 

  • Aviation bio fuels

Aviation biofuels relate to biofuel combustion and structural degradation. Research mainly focuses on ways of collecting fuel plants from the supplies. Aviation biofuel studies the reduction in aviation carbon footprint.

Structural mechanics: it focuses on the filament-wound rock cases, thermosetting matrix, and composite manufacturing.

The other subjects are

Guidance control

Non-destructive testing and evaluation

Complex system and optimization

Combustion and propulsion


Systems and control

Structural mechanics


Astro dynamics


  • IIT  ( Indian Institute of Technology ) Bombay
  • Manipal institute of technology, Manipal
  • SRM Institute of science and technology, Chennai
  • RV college of engineering, Bangalore
  • Indian Institute of space science and technology, Thiruvananthapuram
  • Lovely professional university, Phagwara
  • Indian Institute of Technology Madras
  • BMS college of engineering Bangalore


  • DRDO (Defense research and development organization )
  • ISRO ( Indian space research organization)
  • India air force
  • Air India
  • Tata advanced systems
  • Universal hunt


  • Is aerospace engineering good for the future?

Ans: Yes, aerospace engineering is the fastest-growing branch of engineering and has a good scope in the future. It is offering high-class jobs into the field of research and development.

  • Which branch has more scope, aerospace engineering, aeronautical engineering, astronautical engineering?

Ans: Aerospace engineering is the primary branch of both the engineering. It mainly depends on the interest of the student for which he exactly choose for. All of them have a scope in the future for work.

  • Is aerospace engineering is hard?

Studying aerospace engineering is takes a certain level of interest in structuring and imagination. The institution will further polish your skills in the respective field.

  • What skills an aerospace engineer must posses?

Ans: Strong Technical calculations and mathematical problem solving

Oral communication

Creative and innovative thinking

Time management skills

Leadership quality

  • How much do aerospace engineers start out making?

Ans: It depends upon various factors as placement of the institution is one of the major elements in providing entry-level jobs. A simple graduate may receive a good package depending upon their skills and institutions they belong to. Aerospace engineering is one of the highest paying jobs of present times

Every field is best as per the interest of the individual. Aerospace engineering is broad in terms of profile options available. Also, it is considered as one of the interesting fields of engineering for the students who want to work in the field of space crafts, aircraft, etc.

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