9 Best Work From home gadgets you must have

2 years ago

As Covid entered our lives our home became our “new office”. Because if you want to survive you have to work. Otherwise you’ll lose your job and your expenses will be busted up. So work from home is the ultimate option. “Working from home” is a nostalgic thing actually . Because it provides you your comfort zone but along with that it also makes it quite difficult to work as you will  find so many distractions at your home.And there are high chances of you busting up in that atmosphere and unable to do the work.  For  working from home you will must need some gadgets which will be helpful to you to do your work properly:-

1). Comfortable chairs

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Working from home gives you access to work from sitting in any corner of your home. Surely you would like to sit in a comfortable position But with that you should also sit in an appropriate position as an inappropriate posture can cause you back and shoulder pain. If you don’t have these kinda comfortable chairs then there are chances you may be exhausted at an early rate and feel pain in the body. It’s better to have this one as it will also make your posture better and you’ll also be able to do the work more effectively.

2). Strong internet connection

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Work from home obviously needs an internet connection and not only a connection but the one with a strong network and high speed. As you do multitasking on your system you also need a better connection to make your work more fluent and accurate . As a slow network can cause mistakes in your work. Slow networks make you feel frustrated and that definitely affects badly on your work. So having a strong internet connection is a must thing  and make sure to have yours one!!!

3). Headphones/ Earphones/ Earpods

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Headphones are the thing you may need at any time. You can buy  Headphones/ Earphones/ Earpods whatever you feel like to use. It  helps to cut off the sound so you do not feel any disturbance as well as others in your surroundings.

4). Hard Drive

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There can be many work related files, documents etc. which are very important and must be kept carefully and safe too. So you should have a hard drive so you can keep the copy of your important files. As you should always have a backup especially for your important work related documents so that it’ll not happen that you are titled as a ” Careless” employee. And it can also be useful for other tasks. So just buy a Hard disk with a better space.

5). Conference speaker

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Holding a phone for a long while having a call is really exhausting. Ya you can turn on your phone’s speaker and put it down but it’s quite amiss. So it’s better to have a conference speaker and talk suitably. Conference speakers will help you with a better quality sound.

6). Power Bank

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Working on digital systems really requires a strong battery life of your devices. As you constantly work on your laptop/ computer and also use your mobile there battery keeps on reducing and needs Charging. It’s not possible to always sit by a charging point so having a power bank is really needed. So must have one and also keep it charged.

7). Neck Pillow

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When you work on a system you constantly have to be attentive on your screen and sit still. This thing usually causes neck pain and it feels to be really stiff. It also causes problems in your work as you will feel uncomfortable and annoying too. A neck pillow will be really helpful in this condition.

And also working for long hours makes you sleepy . So with a neck pillow you can also take small naps in between.

8). Notepads/ white boards

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You should always have Writing spaces with you while working. While working there are some things which are really important and must be noted at that time . So that you can keep that thing in mind and don’t forget to add it when you are working on that particular part. For this you can either have a notepad or a white board. So take the one you feel like to use.

9). Extension Board

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It’s not necessary that your particular work place at home has a charging point or even if it has you may need multi charging as there are so many digital things we use at a time like laptop, phone, headphones etc. So just have an extension Board with you. It’s very useful  and you may need it any time.

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