Jewelry designers in India

7 Top Jewelry Designers in India

1 year ago

India is known for having a rich legacy of designing and owing jewelry. Jewelry designing, in earlier times, it was thought of as a skill that was passed on through generations with fine artistic expertise.

It was considered to be a highly guarded profession that ran within the family. As modernity strikes, At present, the jewelry industry in India is growing by leaps and bounds owing to a few budding designers who have brought about a revolution in the industry with their exquisite and largely inexpensive jewelry collection and designs. Each of these fashion designers has their very own sense of fashion and designing which makes them stand apart from each other. These spearheaded jewelry designers have re-invented the industry and have set in motion a different juncture of fashion for the millennial generation.

Below we are highlighting some of the few best jewelry designers in India.

Farah Khan Ali-

Is one of the most prominent and renowned jewelry designers widely known for her impeccable and flamboyant designs. Having a global clientele, Farah Khan Ali has worked for some really influential people in Bollywood as well as Hollywood. She is widely known for her flamboyant, ornate and bold jewelry designs and never compromises on the finish. Her designs are a reflection of creativity and instincts which can be seen right through in her magnificent quality jewelry and impeccable texture. She is one of the most lauded jewelry designers with over 4,10,000 ardent followers.

Jewelry Designers in India
Jewelry Designers in India | Farah Khan Ali

Suhani Pittie-

She has carved a name for herself with her path-breaking interpretation of contemporary jewelry. A graduate from the Gemological Institute of America, she followed her passion and established her own training institute at a tender age of twenty. It is because of her magnificent designs, he was the first one from the Indian Jewelry Industry who was invited to showcase her creations at the Miami Fashion Week. Her colossal contribution to the fashion industry is enormous, which is the reason why she has been recognized as the ‘One of the 10 most inventive and ingenious jewelry designers in the world’. She also successfully bragged the title of ’35 most powerful women in India, under 35′.

Jewelry Designers in India
Jewelry Designers in India | Suhani Pittie

Varuna D Jani-

Hailing from the family behind Popley, one of India’s most renowned jewelers, she carried forward the legacy with an instinctive understanding of trade of palatial jewelry designs. She is amongst the few acclaimed jewelry designers who is widely known for her innovative and excellent expertise. With passionate craftsmanship and immaculate care, she started her own signature jewelry brand in 2006 and launched her first flagship store in 2008. Owing to her creative vision and trendsetting designs, she has earned herself the title of ‘Woman Super Achieve’ and ‘The Brand leadership Award’.

Jewelry Designers in India
Jewelry Designers in India | Varuna D Jani

Mira Gulhati –

Founder and lead designer of the famous jewelry brand ‘Mirari’, she created her own benchmark designs which are a perfect coalesce of western simplicity with eastern substance. Her jewelry brand epitomizes luxury which is evident in her jewelry designs- teemed with dazzling diamonds, emeralds, and rubies. Her aesthetic designs are described as ‘Indian romanticism meets Chanel chic’, created to satisfy India’s growing demand for luxury creations with a contemporary edge. Owning unique panache and style, she has attracted a number of an elite clientele and has also gained herself the title of ‘Jewelry Designer of India’.

Jewelry Designers in India
Jewelry Designers in India | Mira Ghulati

Asha Kamal Modi-

is a veteran Indian jewelry designer who is amongst the first few who created elegant and spectacular silver jewelry. Being a trained gemologist, she gained humungous recognition for her palatial and grandeur designs in Bollywood blockbuster movies such as Devdas, Monsoon Wedding and Ram-Leela. She has been an indispensable part of Indian jewelry and has grown rapidly for the last two decades. Her very own label ‘Art Karat’ was launched in the year 1988, has palatial designs that are deeply inspired by the rich Indian heritage such as the temples of Khajuraho, palaces of Rajasthan, and Mughals.

Jewelry Designers in India
Jewelry Designers in India | Asha Modi

Amrita Singh-

she is one of the most prominent jewelry designers in India who is known for hee impeccable amalgamation of old-world aesthetics with new world fashion. Her name resonates in India as well internationally as she has a global fan following of Hollywood celebs like Jennifer Lopez, Blake Lively, and Jessica Simpson. Amrita Singh’s breathtaking jewelry pieces are greatly inspired by the Mughal dynasty. She is exceptionally dedicated to developing her two fashion lines: contemporary jewelry which includes innovative collections such as Bangle Bangle, and fine jewelry collection.

Jewelry Designers in India
Jewelry Designers in India | Amrita Singh

Nitya Arora-

She is a well-acclaimed jewelry designer known for distinctive style and elegant designs. Her purely handcrafted jewelry with eclectic designs has earned her the title of ‘best jewelry designer’. It is because of her creative instincts and exceptional expertise, she has designed for some really influential personalities in Bollywood and her magnificent creations were also showcased in ‘Lakme India Fashion Week’. This young jewelry designer has also bragged a number of awards and accolades.

Jewelry Designers in India
Jewelry Designers in India | Nitya Arora

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