7 essential E-mail Manners for Job Seekers

3 years ago

As the world is completely getting digitized, the methods of job applications have changed and turned online. Now almost all corporations have replaced paper-based applications with e-mail/web/mobile applications. They encourage the applicants to file via e-mail. But applying to job through an e-mail requires some etiquette that should reflect your professionalism along with the application. Here are some of the basic tips that all applicants should remember while  communicating to the organizations:

  • This is the time of instant messaging, where everyone use acronym like TC, LOL, ROFL etc. Please avoid this while writing a professional e-mail. Always use complete sentences and words using proper grammar. Be professional in writing sentences because hiring manager is not your relative or friend.
  • Completely Avoid using emoticons as they are a sign of unprofessional and informal way of communication.
  •  Always have a Crispy / Appropriate subject line of your e-mail which briefs the context of your communication. Make sure the Subject Line is in Sync with the details of your e-mail. Without any subject line, employer will not look at your job application and may assume it as a spam.
  • Your e-mail account name must look like professional and sounds good. If your e-mail address is not business appropriate (example something like coolfunkydude99@gmail.com etc.) apply for a new, free e-mail account, preferably with your name as the account name.
  • Always start the e-mail with proper salutation like Dear sir/ Dear Ma’am. If you don’t know the person, simple write Dear Manager.
  • Add your signature at the bottom of the e-mail. All signatures should include your full name, e-mail, cell phone number or the number you answer most.
  • Always attach your resume or CV to the e-mail as a PDF. Don’t use Word or other word processing formats. This prevents any edits or alterations to your documents; also, visually PDF has a more pleasant appearance.
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Do a thorough proofreading several times before pressing the send button; if needed ask your friend/colleague to have a glance at it for a quick review. Always a fresh pair of eyes review may catch a few things.

Follow all the above simple tips and strategies while communicating through e-mails. These professional inputs shall certainly help inincreasing your professional appeal and make a great first impression. Always remember First Impression is the Best Impression.


Seema Jain

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