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7 bodyweight exercises to do during a Home workout

2 years ago

The gym is not a compulsion to stay fit and healthy.  In this coronavirus pandemic, when gym and fitness centers are closed and staying fit is on priority list as strong immunity will help you in the fight against corona, and then you can stay fit and healthy at home by practicing simple bodyweight exercises.

There are loads of bodyweight exercises that you can do at home easily without any equipment but some exercises are hard to do for a beginner and they can hurt themselves if not done in the right manner.

In this lockdown period, when all the fitness centers and gyms are closed, all you can do to stay fit is workout at home and do bodyweight exercises.

7 types of body weight exercises to do at home workouts are:








Before performing any exercise, do proper stretching and warm up your body as it lowers the chances of injury but boosts your performance.

1. Pushups

Pushups are the most common and easy exercise you can do at home. By performing pushups you can target your chest, triceps, back & abdominal. It’s a compound movement exercise. There are many types of pushups related to the targeted body part. The various pushups are:

Regular pushup

• Regular pushups

Regular pushups are simple and most convenient variations you can do.  In this exercise your primary muscle is chest and secondary muscle is triceps that are targeted.

• Close grip pushups

Close-grip pushups are a little bit harder than regular pushups. In this exercise your primary muscle is triceps and secondary muscle is the inner chest that is targeted.

•  Wide grip pushups

Wide grip pushups are easy to do exercise in comparison to all other variations. In this variation, your primary muscle is back and secondary muscle is the outer area of chest and triceps that are targeted.

2. Pull Ups

Pull-ups are the exercise that targets back muscles. It is also a compound movement exercise. This exercise is harder than pushups because you have to pull your body against gravity and towards the ceiling.  This exercise can be done at home easily by taking the support of the wall or with a strong rod that could be capable of holding your body weight. Pull-ups also have different types that target different muscle groups.


• Regular pull ups

A regular pull up is the simplest variation of pull-ups. You just have to do this, hang on yourself on the rod with a little wider than your shoulder width, and push yourself up slowly and get down. The primary muscle group of this variation is upper lats and the secondary muscle group is biceps, forearms, traps that are targeted.

• Neutral grip pull ups

Neutral grip pulls up is the same as you do hammer curl. The difference between hammer curl and neutral grip is when you do a hammer curl, you lift dumbbell towards your chest and when you do neutral grip pull-ups you hold the bar and pull yourself up and get down slowly. The primary muscle group is lower lats area and the secondary muscle group is biceps, forearms that are targeted.

• Reverse Grip pull ups

This variation targets the same muscle group as the other variations do but it stresses the muscle group differently, it put more stress on biceps as a comparison to other variations of pull-ups.

3. Squats

Squats are compound movement exercises. This exercise can be done at home without any kind of weight or machine. You can do bodyweight squats at home for toned and trimmed legs. This exercise mainly targets your lower body that includes thighs, gluteus, quads, and hamstring. This exercise is a complete pack for toning your lower body. There is a major role of back, abdomen, feet placement, calves, stability, and movement of your body while performing this exercise.


 The squat is the king of exercises because squats are the production house of testosterone (the male hormone which helps in the growth and development of the male body). If your body has a low level of testosterone, then squats are the best treatment for you. The regular practice of squats can increase the level of testosterone. 

4. Calf Raise

Calf raise is the most convenient and anywhere can do exercise. You can do this exercise at home with bodyweight. Calf muscles are the biceps of lower body present just below the hamstring and above ankles. They need a little bit more focus than another exercise as without calf legs seems to look like chicken legs. Calf raise mainly target on calves only.

Calf raise
Calf Raises

5. Abdominal Exercises (ABS)

Abdominal exercises are complete strengthening exercises. ABS is the bodyweight exercise you can do at home or gym with or without types of equipment.  ABS is the most attractive part of the human body and core supporter of every other exercise. Abdominal muscle is not a single muscle, this is the group of several muscles like upper abs, lower abs, oblique, etc.  There are different variations of targeting each and every muscle of the abdomen.

•  Crunches


Crunches are the oldest and most classic exercise of upper abs which is a part of the core. Bodyweight crunches are the most effective exercise you can do at home. You can perform this exercise on the floor as well as on a bench.

• Leg Raise

Leg raise is the strength training exercise for your core. This exercise mainly targets on lower abs (the anterior hip flexors). Leg raises are also often used to strengthen the internal and external oblique muscles.

• Planks

Planks are the most effective and core burning home workout exercise without any weight. Plank targets the overall core muscles including obliques. This is an isometric exercise that helps in flatten the stomach.

6. Bench Dips

Bench dips are the bodyweight workout exercise. This exercise targets tricep muscles which are the part of the arm. This exercise is a medium intensity exercise that you can do at home. This exercise can be done with the help of a table, chair, or bench or any other thing which is above the surface. In this exercise, you support your body from behind. The primary muscle of bench dips is triceps that are targeted and secondary muscles are chest and shoulder.

7. Lunges

Lunges are the perfect strength training exercise for your legs, core, back, and hips. It promotes flexibility to hips and helps to make coordination between your mind and muscle. Lunges can be done in different variation that is Reverse lunges, walking lunges, and standing lunges. All the variations targets same muscle but hit differently and put more stress to that particular muscle group.

Lunges targets the quads, hamstring and gluteus as same as squats do but lunges put more stress on legs and hit differently to every muscle group of your legs.

To perform lunges, your chest should be up and back will be straight and core will be tight and move one leg forward with knee bent and foot flat and another leg will stay behind and then start moving slightly your body up and down. Lunges are a good exercise for strengthening and building several muscles/muscle groups, including the quadriceps (or thighs), the gluteus maximus (or buttocks) as well as the hamstrings.

So, these are a few bodyweight exercises that you can do at home during quarantine or without any equipment. I hope you will stay fit and healthy by doing these easy bodyweight exercises and stay safe and healthy at home.

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