5 Common questions asked in every Interview

3 years ago

Are you a graduate and applying for job interview? Facing the interviews but not getting any fruitful response? Reason can be that you were not able to give answers properly, not knowing which common questions to prepare before going to an interview is a major drawback in getting a job. Here we are providing a list of some basic questions that every interviewer asked to scan the interviewee. Preparing these questions will definitely help a candidate in getting the job.

  1. Tell me something about yourself?

This question seems to be very simple but it has a very crucial role. Candidates don’t prepare for it as they think it as an easy one. Answer of this question will lay the foundation of the whole interview. So, always prepare for it.

  • How and what you know about the company?

After asking the candidate profile, interviewer is always interested in knowing about him and his company’s profile. How much research a candidate has done on company’s site will make a great impact on the interviewer.

  • Why you left your previous organization?

This is the most critical question to be answer. You have to be vigilant while answering. Don’t say anything negative about the previous company or organization. Try to give answers that show you left the organization for your better growth and future.

  • What are your strengths and weakness and how you will use them for this job profile?

Always try to be specific and share true strengths through examples. And for weakness, try to say those negative things on which you are working and before joining the organization, it will convert into your strength.

  • What are your salary expectations?

This is the most difficult question to answer. A candidate always got confused what to quote for salary requirements. Do research about the salaries people getting at the same position in other companies. Based on your education, skills and experience quote the amount and be flexible also.

 This is just an overview of the some questions that an interviewer can ask. But there are lot many questions that he might ask. Thus, to get the success in job interview, always prepared your answers and you too take the help of your elders, mentors and teachers for the answers.


Seema Jain

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