40 Best Things to Do in Delhi

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Delhi being the national capital and also a metropolitan city is always bustling with people and can certainly be called the ‘city which never sleeps. Over the years, it has become rhetoric of a vibrant and zestful city which will always welcome its visitors with open arms. However, it is safe to say that apart from the national capital, it is also the hub of fashion, art and culture which is sure to bestow one with mesmerizing and one-off-a-kind experience. From fly dining to motorized paragliding and gawking at some iconic architectures, Delhi has it all which will leave you awestruck. Read on to know about the 50 best things to do in Delhi. 

1. Fly dining-, Noida- the restaurant fulfills a dual purpose of extravagant dinner combined with a panoramic view of the city. This one of a kind experience is sure to sweep you off your feet and leave you mesmerized.

Fly Dining | Image Source- Google

2. Yulu bikes- the sky rocketing pollution levels in Delhi has surely triggered a sudden consciousness towards our environment. Due to this reason we see a huge amount of electric cycles and Hulu bikes on the streets which are environmentally friendly and super fun to ride on.

Yulu Bikes | Image Source- Google

3. Champa Gail- the area houses some really petite and Avant-grade cafes with stunning decorations and fairy lights. Along with cafes, they also have a number of designer clothing and footwear stores which led to it’s popularity among the masses

Champa Gali | Image Source- Google

4. Purani Dilli- Delhi street food is known worldwide owing to their delicious, mouth-watering food items. From chole bhature to kachoris or Bhalla papdi, old Delhi has it all.

Purani Dilli | Image Source- Google

5. Sarojini Nagar shopping- if you are a shopaholic then Sarojini nagar is the place for you. Head to this market for inexpensive pocket -friendly shopping experience along with a great variety of clothing.

Sarojini Nagar Market | Image Source- Google

6. Explore the graffiti of Lodhi streets- the vibrant and colourful lanes of Lodhi streets is a site not to be missed. The aesthetic wall murals and paintings of Lodhi road are a visit must when in Delhi.

Lodhi Streets | Image Source- Google

7. Sunday book market – this market welcomes a swarm of book lovers every Sunday who can be seen sweeping through the plethora of books. This is a must-visit for every book lover out there

Sunday Book Market | Image Source- Google

8. Visit the marvelous seven wonders of the world -this is a recent addition to the list of attractions in Delhi as it features seven iconic monuments of the world. Located near Nizamuddin railway station, it will leave you awe-struck as the monuments are created from scratch with waste materials only

Waste to Wow | Image Source- Google

9. Sufi nights at Nizamuddin Dargah- relish a soothing and spiritual qawwali session at Hazrat Nizamuddin Dargah on every day. The musical and immersive Sufi nights are sure to bring you calmness for some soul-searching.

Nizamuddin Dargah | Image Source- Google

10. Explore the photography museum- ensconced in the heart of Gurgaon, Museo Camera center for photographic arts is a petite and quirky museum will take you back in time to the evolution of Camry and photography.

Photography Museum | Image Source- Google

11. Gawking at Qutub Minar- one of the most prominent attractions and also a renowned world heritage site, this five-story building is made purely out of marble and red stand-stone

Qutub Minar | Image Source- Google

12. Explore the pristine beauty of Lotus Temple- this temple is truly an architectural delight. As name ‘lotus’ suggests, the temple stands as a universal symbol of peace not only by its name but by its lotus-shaped architecture as well. 

Lotus Temple | Image Source- Google

13. Unequaled beauty of Janpath- the vibrant atmosphere at the Janpath market with the neighboring Tibetan market will have you coming back to this place again and again.

Janpath Market | Image Source- Google

14. Dilli Haat- popularly known as INA, it a carved a special space in the hearts of Delhiites as it houses an array of exciting activities. Music, food, fun, and festivals are symbolic of the ambiance of this place which always vibrant.

Dilli Haat | Image Source- Google

15. Jama Masjid- it is the largest Islamic mosque in the city which gives one the opportunity to experience a whole different culture. It is an iconic landmark of old Delhi and is an important place to worship.\
16. Electronic heaven Nehru Place- it is the largest IT hub not only in Delhi but across Asia as well. From gadgets to accessories, it a one-stop shop for your electronic needs.

Jama Masjid | Image Source- Google

17. Dive in Spirituality at ISKCON temple-the temple is ensconced on the Hare Krishna hills at East of Kailash and witnesses a humongous number of devotees each day contributing to its authenticity and growth. It is on of grandiose center which preaches humanity and kindness among the masses.

Iskcon Temple | Image Source- Google

18. Unleash your adventurous side at Worlds of Wonder- this popular amusement park is located in Noida and offers fun-filled adventure to one and all. There is a humongous range of rides specialists for its visitors which is sure to give an adrenaline rush. It presents one with a massive go- karting track in NorthIndia

Adventure Island | Image Source- Google

19. Relish mouthwatering cuisine at Pandara road- visit tides of the hidden marvels at Pandara for a delectable Indian feast. Gulati’s a day Have more, in particular, are the highlights of this place.

Pandara Road | Image Source- Google

20. Bird watching at Yamuna Park- this place is for avid bird and nature lovers who love to watch a wide variety of birds from across the country. Delhi being a bird diversity rich city attracts a huge swarm of birds from all over the country.

Yamuna Park | Image Source- Google

21. Explore the nightlife- Delhi being a metro city has to its credit a number of glitzy night clubs and bars which will you amused for sure. Heart of city, Connaught Place boasts few of the most happening night clubs and cafes.

Delhi Nightlife | Image Source- Google

22. Explore hyper-local art at crafts museum-the the national handicrafts is a beautiful fusion of diverse culture and refined tradition of our country. Located near the Pragati Maidan, the museum exhibits grandiose facets in handicrafts, textiles, and indigenous décor.

Art Fairs | Image Source- Google

23. Explore the Tibetan colony- popularly known as Majnu Ka Tila, is located in North Delhi and is packed with petite cafes, local Tibetan shops, and accessories. MKT is mostly filled with university students, bloggers, and foodies.

Majnu Ka Tila | Image Source- Google

24. Experience Snowfall in Delhi- missing the chilly mountains? Head to this place in the DLF mall of India to relive your mountain memories. They some fun-filled activities like igloos, ice-skating etc.

Ice Skating | Image Source- Google

25. Relive your childhood at Trampoline Park- this family entertainment park in Gurgaon offers one of a kind experience to their visitors with the open-jump area, trampolines playful workout, and whatnot.

Trampoline Park | Image Source- Google

26. Explore the haunted beauty of Agrasen ki baoli- ensconced in Central Delhi, it is an ancient well with steps leading down water source. With exceptionally designed architecture with rooms on either side of the well, the mystic Baoli is at present-day considered to be haunted. 

Agrasen Ki baoli | Image Source- Google

27. Relish scrumptious kebabs of Old Delhi- this hidden gem in Old Delhi can be considered a paradise for all food lovers. With their delectable kebabs and curries, this place will surely have you coming back.

Old Delhi | Image Source- Google

28. A visit to the toilet museum- in Indian Mileu, promoting the importance of proper hygiene and sanitation becomes paramount considering a large population of India still does not have proper access to toilets. The museum also showcases the evolution as well as the importance of toilets.

Toilet Musuem | Image Source- Google

29. Salute our brave soldiers in Indian War Memorial- a small museum ensconced in Chandi Chowk is dedicated to the unsung heroes of our country who fought in the freedom struggle. It is a highly digitized museum with a great amount of educational exposure.

Indian War Memorial | Image Source- Google

30. Unleash your venturous side at Splash The wonder Park- is situated on the outskirts of Delhi is a perfect weekend getaway for a day filled with leisure and adventure. Apart from some adrenaline-pumping rides, this amusement and water park will surely get you nostalgic with their old school activities such as hide n seek.

Splaash Water Park | Image Source- Google

31. Mall hopping in Delhi- Delhi has to its credit some really high end and top-notch mall showcasing a plethora of collections ranging from clothing, footwear, accessories, handbags and whatnot. Select city walks, ambiance mall. DLF Mall of India are amongst the few

Mall Hopping in Delhi| Image Source- Google

32. Leisurely walk at Lodhi Garden- the magnificent garden stands as a symbol of national, historical, and architectural values. Along with a few eminent historical structures, the park houses some really exceptional plants and birds.

Lodhi Garden | Image Source- Google

33. Experience spirituality at Akshardham Temple- the temple is situated in East Delhi and offers a wide range of experiences such as exhibits, boat rides, water shows and lush green gardens.

Akshardham Temple | Image Source- Google

34. Visit the magnificent Bangla Sahib– located in the heart of the city, it is the oldest and most prominent Sikh shrine in India. Langar is served here to the masses every afternoon without any cost which is thoroughly relished by each and every one.

Bangla Sahib | Image Source- Google

35. Climb to the peaks with rock climbing- with proper equipment and training, you can now get the opportunity to climb peaks at Indian Mountaineering Foundation located in Delhi. Head to this place for a fun-filled adventurous time.

Indian Mountaneering Foundation | Image Source- Google

36. Explore the wildlife at Delhi Zoo- the scenic environment of this zoo is home to over 2000 different species of animals and birds. It also has a library, cafeteria, and a serene garden for nature lovers as well.

National Zoological Park | Image Source- Google

37. Rickshaw ride in Old Delhi- these are specially designed fun rides for tourists to stroll around the lanes of Old Delhi, admiring the mansions and palaces.

Rickshaw Ride in Old Delhi | Image Source- Google

38. Visit interesting fairs at Pragati maidan-this huge complex-cum exhibition is spread over an expanse of 150 acres is beautifully created with lawns, gardens, and well-paved roads. This humongous exhibition center was created by the indigenous talents of India and boasts some of the other prominent attractions as well.

Pragati Maidan | Image Source- Google

39. Treat your taste buds at Paranthe Wali Gali- these varied mouthwatering paranthas served here will surely have you come back again and again, one gets to choose from a wide variety of options like aloo, paneer gobhi etc.

Paranthe Wali Gali | Image Source- Google

40. Relive history at Hauz Khas village- situated in south Delhi, it is a perfect amalgamation of ancient ruins, tombs, and lakes as well. The fort is perfectly located amidst upscale restaurants and pubs adding a spectacular backdrop.

Hauz Khas Fort | Image Source- Google

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