25 Best party games for adults and kids

2 years ago

So are you planning any party ? And gonna gather with family and friends?

But you don’t know about best party games which can be played with your guests including adults and kids!!

Well, no more worry. Today we have brought some best party games you can play and enjoy utmost:-

1). Musical Chairs

You must have heard about this super entertaining game!!.

In this game you have to set the chairs in a circular manner. The number of chairs should be one less than the players. There will be one person who’ll take the command of music. When the music will be off the players have to sit on the chairs. The person who’ll leave will be out.

In this way in the next turn there will be one more chair deduct from the circle and in this manner the game will be continued till you get the winner.

2). Whisper Chain

You have to collect some typical lines for this.

In this game there will be 4 or 5 persons standing in a row. The first person from the initial point will be told the line through whispering in the ear. Then the first player will whisper it in the next one and in this way the chain will go on. The last player will tell what he listened. And then there will be given one point for each correct word in the line.

3). Traffic light Race 

In this game the kids will run a race. A person will be made a leader who will act as a traffic light. The children will run on his order and he can also stop them in between.

Adults can also play this fun game!!

4). Psychiatrist Play

In this game players have to act like a person whose name they got in the slip. These persons can be the guests or any celebrity. And others have to guess that person.

You can make teams if you want a win or lose criteria.

Or it can be played individually too if you want to play it just for fun.

5). Treasure Hunt

You must have heard this game!!

In this game there will be a treasure hidden at any place. And there will be some hints. The players will have to find the treasure through following those hints.

6). Freeze Dance

In this game each player has to dance on a particular song and when the music stops everyone has to freeze. If someone finds moving he/she will be out.

7). Give a thing

In this game there will be a prohibition on using a particular word. And whoever uses that word will have to give something they have. It can be a necklace/ handbag/ wallet etc.

8). Movie game

For this game, you need to make a list  of five actors and actresses before the party starts . Then provide a pen and paper to each player, set a limit for 1min per actor and actress. The host will say an actor or actress’s name and the players have to write the names of movies he/she played a role in. At the end of the game, each player will get one point for each correct answer and the one with the maximum points will be the winner.

9). Cards

Cards is an all time , evergreen game for every kind of party. There are a number of games like minus, teen patti, satte pe saata, plus etc. which you can play. These card games are always fun and will be a great mood booster.

10). Drop a hint

In this game, there will be two teams with four persons in each from which one person has to guess the correct  answer while the other three will give him a hint and in the end the team with  maximum points will win.

For example- for the word ‘Clock’ , the 1st person says Needle, 2nd says Time, 3rd says Numbers.

The guesser will have only one guess to get the right word. If they don’t guess the right word, the team moves onto the next word.

11). Pictionary

In this game,  the players have to get their teams to guess an item simply by drawing it. There will be two teams formed, the team chooses one person from their team to draw , the player will pick a slip and draw something related to that word. If the team guesses the right word before the time they’ll win. 

You can make the game more complicated by doing some changes like the player can’t draw with his/her dominant hand or they have to draw with  holding  the pencil in their mouth etc.

12). Pop that balloon relay

Divide the players in two even teams. Then mark the start line. The start line should be 20 feet away from the balloon pile. There will be two sets of balloons in different colours- one for each team. On the countdown of three the host will say ,”go” and each player from the team runs and pops the balloon of his/her team color by using hands, legs or back( you can decide this to make it more Fun). and after that the player will run back and tag the next person from his team. The team who will pop all the balloons of their team colours first will be the winner.

13). How do you Doo

This is an extremely fun game. The player has to sing a song by using only the word ‘DOO’ .

There will be two teams formed- Team A and Team B . The team will decide one player from their side and then he/she will pick one slip having a song name on it and sing that song by using the word ‘ Doo’. If someone doesn’t know the song they can skip it and pick the other slip but remember to put the slip back in and don’t tell anyone the song they skipped.

The person who will guess the song correctly will be the next singer and in this way the team can guess as many songs as they can in 5 mins and then there will be the turn of the other team.

The team with more correct guesses will be the winner.

14). Cotton ball fun

For this game you will need a bag of cotton balls, a spoon, a blindfold, a small bowl and a large bowl . Each player will be blindfolded and they have to try and scoop as many cotton balls from one bowl to another using a spoon.

Blindfold the first player and have him/her sit in a chair. Place a small bowl of cotton balls in their lap and a large, empty bowl on the head, which he/she can hold or you can hold.

 The  main objective of this game is for each player to try to scoop as many cotton balls as possible into the large bowl, using only the spoon. The player will be blindfolded and they are not allowed to use their hands to try to feel the cotton balls. Set a time limit of one minute for each player, and the player who will  transfer the most cotton balls to the large bowl wins the game.

15). Name that tune

In this game there will be a song played and the players have to tell the song title and artist name. It’s really a fun game.

All the players will be divided into two teams . The host will  play the song from the playlist and the team who will guess it first will get the points.

One point for title

Two points for artist

If one team tells the title and the other artist then you can divide the points accordingly.

In the end the team having maximum points will win.

16).  Never Have I Ever

See who has done the most freakish things and who hasn’t. One person says something they’ve never done and anyone who has done it loses a point or puts up a finger and after getting to five points or who will first put down all five fingers will be out. 

17). Great mind think alike 

In this game you’ll need to list out  variety of different categories and make slips of them separately, like-

Best web series

expensive brand of clothes

Street foods

Create at least 10 categories. Now divide guests into two teams. Give a pen and paper to each person. Call out a category. Everyone has to  write the first three things that come to their mind.

After every category count how many people on each team wrote the same words to their other team members.  

For every word that 3 people had in common will be awarded with 3 points , similarly 4 with 4 points ,5 with 5 and so on.

18). Truth or dare

Who doesn’t know this game, the evergreen and all time favourite one. 

Sit in a circle and take a bottle and spin in the centre. It’s front end stops at whoever has to choose between truth and dare and then if they choose truth you can ask them the things you want to know about like their crush, any relationship etc.

And if they choose to dare you can challenge them with some hilarious thing to do.

It’s a really fun game.

19). Would you rather

Would you rather go on a date with Harry Potter or Ironman? Would you rather go on a mountain or beach? Ask these kinds of questions in order to get to know more about someone and their choices. Enjoy!!!

20). React and act

 It includes acting and reacting to different situations like losing a job or winning the lottery. This is a totally fun game. You can prepare different situations like this and ask everyone. It will be great fun.


Who doesn’t know about charades! The evergreen totally fun game. 

Players will be divided into two teams. The players will come from teams one by one. They have to pick a slip having the name of a movie ( you can also add songs and objects names also as per your choice) and then the player has to enact the word they got and the team has to guess it in 1 min. and then there will be the start of the next team. Each team will be awarded one point for one correct answer and in the last the team with maximum points will win. 

If a player’s team can’t guess the name then you can also give another team a chance with bonus points.

22). Heads up!

In this game there will be two teams formed. The player has to pick any  card having any word and without seeing he/she has to put it upon head facing towards the other team members The team will give him a hint to guess the right word. You can set the time limit accordingly. There are also apps available on playstore for heads up games so that players can hold the phone on their head. You can choose whatever source you like. In the end the team with the highest number of points will be the winner.

23).Dictionary Games

This is quite an interesting game . A game full of fun and also enhanced with knowledge!!

For this you should have a dictionary with you or you can also use an online dictionary if you don’t have one.

All the players will be provided with a pen and paper and then you will give them a word from a dictionary, they have to write it’s definition according to them and then all will listen to the answers each player writes and who has written it right will get a point.

24). The Alphabet Game

This is really a fun and interesting game and also makes you look out the car and notice things!!

In this game , you have to cover words starting from A and ending on Z, each player has to find the words starting from particular letters outside the car- it can be on any shop, boards on the road etc. The player who will notice the word first has to shout first for it , so that there will not be any confusion or fight between the players that they have found first.

The one who will reach first to letter Z will win.

25). Tongue Twisters

The all time fun game!!!

You can challenge each player with various tongue twisters and the one who will pronounce it right with a particular speed will be the winner.

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