20 funny Stories with unexpected endings

2 years ago

Stories that’ll crack you up in huge laughter!!!!

Today we’ll tell you some really hilarious stories which will make you laugh harder. So if you are feeling bored, exhausted and not so good then read up these stories. You are surely gonna loved it:)

1). The Mischievous students

One day all the engineering students were sitting together in a crowd at the back of the class.

After some time their teacher entered the class and noticed them. He went to them and asked, “What are you all doing here?”. They replied,“Sir, we have found a thing through which you can look into the other room through the wall!”

The teacher asked,” What’s that thing then, show me?”

They showed him the” hall” in the wall.

2). A father took his children to the doctor!!

One day a father entered the clinic with his son. He went to the doctor. He told him,” My son swallowed the home keys. Please help!”. The doctor asked,” At what time it happen?”. He said it had been 10 days to it.

The doctor said, ” and you are bringing him today!!”

The father replied,” Actually we had a duplicate key, but it also got lost today!”

3). Recorded voice

Once there was a father who had a small infant. He used to spend a lot of time with him. He always did record his son’s babbling voice he made. 

One day that man’s wife asked,” Why do you always record our baby’s voices?”

He replied,” I will make it heard to him when he grows up and ask what he was saying at that time?”

4). A couple goes to a doctor

Once a couple visits a doctor. The husband was not feeling good for many days. The doctor checks him up. 

After checking up, the doctor says to his wife,” your husband needs some rest and peace, so here are some sleeping pills.”

The wife asks,” Doctor, when should I give it to him?”

The doctor replies,” It’s for you not him!”

5). A hilarious Patient

A patient visits a doctor.

The doctor asks him,” How old are your kids?”. 

The man replied,” 46 and 37 from my first wife. 16 and 13 from my second wife.”

The doctor says,” That’s quite the age difference.”

The old man replies,”  Well, the older ones don’t give me grandkids, so I made my own.”

6).  Grocery Store

A man goes for an interview to get a job at a “grocery store”. 

The interviewer asks him, ” Where do you see yourself in the next five years?”

The man replies,” At the grocery store.”

He got the job!!!

7). A couple at a hotel

Once a couple goes to a hotel. There they indulge in some argument. The husband calls the hotel service and says,” I’m having an argument with my wife and she says she will jump from the hotel window. “

The manager replies,” I’m sorry but it is your personal matter.”

The husband says, ” You bastard!!” The window is not opening. This is a maintenance issue!!!

8). An old lady and a conductor

An old lady used to travel in a bus daily. She always gave the bus conductor cashew nuts and almonds to eat.

One day the conductor asked her,” It’s so kind of you to give me those nuts. Why don’t you eat yourself?”

The lady replies,”  I don’t have teeth to eat them.”

The conductor asked,” Then why do you buy them?”

The lady says,”  I just love the chocolate, around those nuts.”

9). The Hilarious Child

A child observes his mother’s turning grey hairs. He was curious to know the reason.

So one day he asks his mother,             ” Mom, why are some of your hairs turning grey?”

The mother thinks of teaching something good to him on this question.

She replies,” Every bad action of yours turns one of my hairs grey!”

The child replies,” Now i get it , Why grandmother’s all hairs are grey!!”

10).  A father called his daughter and what happened after that is Hilarious

One day a man calls on his home to talk to his wife. But his daughter picks the call .

The father asks her,” Where is your mother?”

The daughter replies,” She is upstairs with Uncle John.”

He says,” But we don’t have any relatives like ‘ Uncle John’.” Then he asks his daughter what her mother is doing upstairs with Uncle John.

The daughter replies,” I don’t know Daddy”

He asks his daughter to go upstairs, knock the door and tell her mom that Dad is returned from the office.

The daughter replies,” Okay Dad.”

The Daughter rushes downstairs and tells her father,” On listening to this, mother shocked and ran fast here and there and fell down stairs and not responding now.”

The father asked,”  And what about Uncle John?”

The daughter replies,” Uncle John jumped out of the window down in the swimming pool”. 

She also adds,” But you cleaned the pool two days ago, so it was empty and Uncle John died jumping in it.”

The father said, ” But we don’t have any pool.”

He said,” Is it 566637?”

The girl replied,” No, it’s 566638″

The man said,” Oh, sorry, wrong number!!”

And cut the call….

11). Report Card

A child scored low marks in all his subjects. He was scared to show the report Card to his mother. So he got an idea and faked a report Card and showed it to his mother.

Her mother was impressed by looking at his good marks in the report Card. 

He also got bad marks in other two terms. He again faked the report cards and showed it to his mother. 

But he didn’t know that the school sent the final scores to his mother . She became surprised to look at the low marks while the marks mentioned in report cards were high. She went to school and said to teachers,” The marks report you sent me is completely wrong!”

The teachers asked her to show all the report cards. 

She showed them all the report cards. The child was very scared of being caught for faking report cards.

The teachers said,” Sorry mam!! There are mistakes in all of them.”

They corrected all the cards and returned to the mother.

12).  Hens and cock!!

The poultry man had five 30 hens and a cock. He bought a new cock for fertilisation in order to get more hens. 

The old cock talked to the new cock and said to him,” Would you like to take my help?.”

The cock replied,” What the hell are you saying! I am very young and i can handle all of them.”

The old cock said,” I don’t think so. But if you want to prove me wrong then you have to run a 50 meter race with me and if i win, then you have to share the hens with me.”

The new cock agreed to him.

The old cock also requested a new cock  to let him start from 10 m ahead as he was too old than him. The cock agreed to it.

Next day they ran in the race . As decided, the new cock started running when the old cock completed 10m. 

He started chasing him. When the new cock was about to cross the old one the poultry man shooted him and he died.

The poultry man said,” Oh god! It’s the fifth gay cock i bought this week!”

13).  The shocked lady

Once a couple planned a trip to some place. They booked an expensive five star hotel. The husband went there . His wife was busy with office work and was supposed to come the next day after the meeting.

The husband texted her wife when he reached. But mistakenly he typed a letter wrong in the mail address and it was sent to another old lady whose husband had just died a day before.

The lady was shocked when she read the mail and fainted.

The mail said,

Darling I’ve checked in. Everything is prepared for your arrival tomorrow.

14). A Hilarious incident at a mall

A girl went to the mall with her mother for shopping. Her mother left her alone in the grocery department and went for some stuff in another department. A guy started hitting her there. She said to him,” sorry, I’m lesbian.”

The boy said,” oh! I’m sorry I thought you were a boy.”

15). An incident of Robot

One day a father brought a lie detector robot to his home. 

He asked his son what  he was doing today  in his friend’s home ? The son said he was studying at his friends house .The robot slapped him.

He said ,”Ok, I accept , I was playing a video game there with my friend.”

The father said, “When he was at his child’s age , he used to study a lot , he wasn’t like this.”

The robot slapped him too!!

His mother laughed and said ,” he is your son, afterall.”

The robot slapped the mother!!

16). A Humorous incident at hospital

A lady was suffering from some health issue so one day she visited a doctor. She explains her problem to the doctor.

The doctor says to her, ” you are pregnant.” The lady shocks and runs out of the hospital.

The other doctor asks him ,” what the hell did you say to her, she is 69, how can she be pregnant?”

The doctor said, ” yes, but the hiccups stopped”.

17).  Lipstick on the mirror

Some girls used to apply lipstick in the school. After some time the number of lipstick-using girls increased . Most of the girls started using it. But all the girls used to mark the restroom mirror with lipsticks. The sweeper had to clean the mirror daily. 

The principal found a solution for it. One day he called all the girls in the rest room and told them that the sweeper had to clean the mirror daily to remove the lipstick marks left by those girls.

He said,”  See how the sweeper cleans these stains!”

The sweeper took a mop and dipped in the toilet and rubbed the mirror with it.

After that the girls never left a mark on the mirror….

18). A Scary Driver

A passenger tapped his hand on the cab’s driver shoulder to tell him something. The driver screamed, lost control of the car , almost hit a bus , went up to the footpath and stopped centimetres away from a shop”.

For a second everything was still in the cab. The cab driver said to the man , ” don’t ever do that again, you scared the hell out of me!”

The passenger apologized and said,“I don’t know that just tapping on your shoulder will threaten you so much.”

The driver replied, ” sorry, it’s not your fault.”

Today is my first day as a cab driver, I’ve been driving a funeral cab for the last 28 years.

19). A clever Wife

Once there was a man who was extremely miser. He used to work a lot to spend more and more he can. He had collected all his money during his life span. He told his wife to put up all his money with him when he would die. He wanted to take all his saved money with him. He always told this to his wife.

One day he said to his wife,” Promise me, that you’ll put all my money in my grave with me.”

His wife agreed to him.

After some days the man died. After the funeral when his body was put in the coffin and it was about to close. His wife stopped them. He went to his husband’s coffin and put a box beside him. And then the coffin was buried.

The woman’s friend asked her,” Don’t tell me that you have put all the money in that box!”

The wife replied,” Yes! I did”

Her friend said,” Are you mad!! You have put all the money in it!”

The wife replied,” I’ve deposited all the money in the bank and made a check for it and put it in that box.”

20). A son and his Ludicrous Parents!!

One day a guy went to his father and said,” Dad, I’m in love.”

The father replied,” Great my son!! Who’s that girl?”

The son said,” She’s the daughter of our side neighbours.”

The father said,” Oh son!! She is your sister. Please don’t be in a relationship with her.”

After sometime the son again went to his father and said,” Dad I’m again in love with our two house away neighbours girl.”

The father again said ,” she is your sister too!”

The son became miserable in this span. One day he went to his mother crying.

His mother asked,” What happened my dear son ?”

The son replied,” I’ve been in love with six girls till now. But daddy says that they all are his daughters and my sisters !!”

The mother replied,” Oh son!! Don’t listen to him, he’s not your father.”

The son was shocked and fainted!

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