15 Ways to find freelance writing jobs as a beginner

1 year ago

Are you good at writing? Do you want to write for some great websites and get your articles published? 

But as a beginner you don’t know where to start from, whom to approach, where you can get work and much more. But don’t worry today we’ll go through some best ways to find freelance writing jobs as a beginner:-

1). Create your writing portfolios

15 Ways to find freelance writing jobs as a beginner| Image source: google

Having experience and great pieces of work is preferred more in the field of Writing. Whenever you apply for Writing works  you’ll be asked questions like Have you worked in this field before?

Can you show some pieces of your work?

If you have some work to show them it’ll be easy for you to grab the opportunity.But if you are a fresher and haven’t done anything before to show . Don’t worry everyone starts with zero Experience but your hardwork and dedication can take you to your desired level. 

you have to make a good Writing portfolio of yours to get the opportunities. As a beginner you can work for free for some websites and agencies and create your brilliant work pieces so that you can use that to get jobs further.

2). Pitching

You need to pitch people to get work opportunities,you have to let them know about your existence. You can pitch them in two ways:-

1). Direct pitching :

You can tell them that you can be useful for them in enhancing their websites or portfolios. You have to tell them why they need you? How you can create blogs and profiles for them which can help them develop more.

2). Indirect pitching:-

You can also pitch the customers indirectly. You can do so by reposting their blogs etc. on your social media accounts through which you can come in their notice and maybe they’ll approach you for work.

3). Ad boards

To get fine quality jobs as a beginner responding ad job boards is one of the best ways. There are many entrepreneurs, small businesses, and start-ups post job ads to freelance writing job boards and you can pitch to these ads.

You have to tell them your rate or sometimes there is a specific starting rate.

Initially you can use free job boards as it will be quite easy to get and you’ll get experience also.

4). Using social media sites

Being active on social media is one of the significant ways to get freelance writing jobs. There are many customers who post their work requirements on daily basis. You can follow some ideal customers and watch their work related  tweets and posts and ask for that work by reacting to it.

5). Ask for Referrals

If you’ll work well for your customers and they are impressed with your writing then you can also ask them for Referrals to other clients. As these people have large good connections they can prove to be very helpful to you . You need not to be scared to ask , either they’ll say a direct ‘NO’ or they just can’t.

If you have fine quality clients then you’ll have high chances for good references.

6). Make your connections with other freelance writers

Making a large number of connections to other freelance writers will be really helpful to you. They can give you a lot of useful advice related to work. You can get freelance writers to refer to work too. They can also introduce you to your ideal clients.

7). Approach clients from successful freelance writers in your niche

Do you want to get clients who can pay you top dollars?

Well there are two ways to get a high paying client , one is you can wait for them to post up for any work opportunity and then try hard to get that by competing with so many other writers.

Or you can find some ideal clients in the portfolios of successful content writers. You can get to these clients by looking at their sample contents and approaching them.

You can start it by browsing  “[Your niche]+freelance writer”. Scroll through the search field until you get an ideal client. Then target that client , visit their website and approach them with your work.

8). Join Facebook groups

Nowadays there are many facebook groups available which provide content writing work. There are some quality customers who join in and they often upload work opportunities there. Whoever raised their hands first got the opportunity.

9). Let others know you are available for hiring

It’s important for the clients to know that you are available for hiring. Through this you can get  the opportunities easily as the clients know you are free to work there will be more chances of them approaching you. You can share posts on your job portfolios and social media accounts regarding this and also write in your bio. 

10). Write on Quora

Quora is a social media platform where various people ask  number of questions and anyone can answer them. You can make your account there and can answer questions related to your niche . This can improve your writing skills much better and if you write brilliantly and get a high number of upvotes then your answer can also appear in top search engine pages which can give you more acquaintance and maybe clients impressed by your work and approach you.

11). Guest Posts

You can guest post on various popular sites where thousands of people see your writing and maybe one of those viewers is your ideal client. 

So, where can you do guest posts?

One of the best ways is to Google search, “niche + write for us” and see what happens. You will find a number of offers out of which you can choose the suitable one.

12). Satisfy your clients

Satisfying your clients is the most important thing . If they’ll be impressed by your work they’ll approach you for further work and they can also give referrals for you. It might also be possible that they pay  some additional tip to your charge to get work from you next time easily. 

Online job platforms for freelance writing jobs:-

13). LinkedIn

15 Ways to find freelance writing jobs as a beginner| Image source: google

LinkedIn is one of the biggest job platforms online. It offers numbers of freelance writing jobs. All you have to do is search for your desired work and it will show you a lot of job opportunities available for you. You can click on those portfolios , check thoroughly and approach the one you would like to work for.

14). Upwork

Upwork  is  one of the biggest global freelancing platforms where businesses and independent professionals connect and work together.  Interested freelancers submit their proposals for projects. After receiving these  job proposals clients discuss the project details with selected freelancers. If a client is impressed by you in terms of quality, commitments, price, time etc they will select you for the work.

15).  Fiverr

Fiverr is an online marketplace for freelancers.  Here  you can buy or sell services including influenced marketing, social media or blog posting, business card templates, content creation and much more. Fiverr allows sellers to charge more than $5 for basic services(which is fixed and they can’t charge you less than it ) and has received over $110 million dollars in funding from investors. You can make your portfolio here and can sell your services to various clients at particular prices.

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