13 Best fun fiction Novels to read

3 years ago

Do you love reading fun fiction novels?

Well Reading is a good habit which helps our brain grow better and refine our knowledge. And reading fun fiction novels is much more interesting. Reading about its astonishing characters makes you deeply lost in it. 

Today I’ll tell you about 13 best fun fiction novels to read:

1).  A tale of two cities

It is a famous 1859 novel by Charles Dickens. This novel tells about a doctor named, Mannete, his 18 year imprisonment in France jail and his realisation. When her daughter,Loucie, came to know that her father is alive , she took him with her to London. After sometime  loucie’s husband , Charles Darnay, was prisoned by France and testimonied to death. The story revolves about the circumstances that happened when Manette was moved to London from Paris and how Darnay escapes from jail . It is basically set against the conditions that lead to revolution of French future and royalty of terrors.

2). Anne of green gables

It is written by Lucy Maud Montgomery and published in 1908. The novel tells a story about a young orphan girl, Anne, who is 11 year old and was adopted by a middle-aged  brother and sister, Mathew and Marilla. Indeed they had asked for a boy to help them in the farm, Green Gables, situated in the fictional town of Avonlea on Prince Edward Island, Canada. But mistakenly Anne was delivered to them. The novel recounts on how Anne makes her way through life with several problems in school and within town.

3). Adventure of Sherlock Holmes

You must have heard about Sherlock Holmes, a famous detective character in Arthur Conal Doyle stories.

Adventure of Sherlock Holmes is a collection of 12 Sherlock Holmes stories which was previously published in The Strand Magazine, written by Sir Arthur Conal Doyle. It was published in 1892. These stories are collected in the same sequence and not interrelated. The only characters common to 12 stories are Holmes and Dr. Watson.

 Where Dr. Watson is a storyteller and told about his point of views in first- person narration.

4). All the light we cannot see

It is a war novel written by American author Anthony Goerr. It was published by Scribner on May 6, 2014. It is set during the times of world war II. The story accounts on a blind girl Marie- Laure LeBlanc and a guy named Werner Pfennig. It tells how their paths eventually crossed during the war. 

5). The Book Thief

It is written by Markus Zusak. It revolves around the experiences of a young girl, Liesel Meminger, who losts her brother and mother during the world war II , adopted by German family during the Nazi era. She was taught to read by her foster father which developed her interest in reading. Liesel begins borrowing books and sharing them with Max Vandenberg, a Jewish refugee who was given shelter by her foster parents in their home.

6). The Giver

 It was written by Lois Lowry in 1993. It is a utopian novel described in third person narration. The novel tells stories about Jonas, a 12-year old boy,to whom his country appears to be Utopia- a perfect place- which is self-contained and different from others. The community was free of disease, poverty etc things. Society has taken the pain from people by implementing “Sameness”, a plan that snatched all the emotions from people. Jonas is selected to inherit the duty of receiver, the person who stores all about the past memories of times before sameness as here may be some times when someone needs to know the wisdom gained from history to community dominance. Jonas introduced emotions in this process which was very difficult for him in the beginning because he had been living  without them since birth. The story revolves around all these circumstances.

7). Catch-22

 It is a satirical war novel by American author Joseph Heller.

It had non chronological third person narration. The story tells about the absurd way of war and military life through the experience of John Yossariain,a U.S army Air force B-25 bombardier, and his other army unit who tries to maintain their sanity during the war so that they can return home. 

8). City of thieves

It is written by David Benioff.

It tells a story about a 17-year old guy, Lev, surviving through the siege of Leningrad after his father is caught by NKVD and his mother and sister flee from the city. Lev is arrested for looting a Luftwaffe pilot’s corpse. He was imprisoned, He meets Kolya Vlasov, a young Cossack soldier, arrested for a serious desertion ( which he completely disagrees with) in prison. Colonel Grechko of the NKVD asks Lev and Kolya if they get a dozen eggs for their daughter’s upcoming wedding, they will be set free. The story revolves around the circumstances that happened during their search and if they managed to get the eggs or not.

9). The fault in our stars

It is written by John green. It was published on 10 Jan, 2012. The story is narrated by Hazel Grace Lancaster, 16- year old girl, suffering from thyroid cancer that has affected her lungs.  Hazel is forced by her mother to join a supportive group where she eventually meets a 17-year old guy, Augustus Waters, an ex- football player and an Amputee. They both fall in love. Later Augustus tells Hazel that his cancer has returned. His condition becomes worse and he dies after a few days leaving Hazel heartbroken.

10). Harry Potter and Sorcerer’s stone

It is written by JK Rowling. It is a fantasy novel and the first one in Harry Potter’s series. It accounts on Harry Potter, a young wizard who comes to know about his inherit magical powers on his eleventh birthday when he receives a letter of admission to Hogwarts school of Witchcraft and wizardry. He makes many new friends there and enemies too in just his first year. With the help of his friends he manages to face Lord Voldemort, killer of his parents but failed to kill Harry when he was just fifteen months old.

You can also read it’s several parts [ from part I- part8].

11). Life of Pi

It’s a 2001 philosophical novel by Yann Martel.

It’s leading character is Piscine Molitor “Pi” Patel who is an Indian Tamil boy from Pondicherry. He is a very curious guy who keenly explores Metaphysics. He also gained deep knowledge about spirituality from a very young age. He was stuck in a ship in the Pacific Ocean while going to Canada because of ” The Emergency” declared by Indira Gandhi, the prime minister of India at that time. He survived 227 days after the shipwreck. There he finds a tiger that has been hiding under the boat’s  tarpaulin. There goes a conversation between them in which the tiger raises questions about the nature of reality, it’s perseverance and much more .

12). The Invisible man

It’s a science fiction novel by HG Wells.

The story revolves around Griffin, who is a great scientist in the field of optics. He invents a way to change a body’s refractive index to that of air so that it neither absorbs or reflects light and thus becomes invisible. Griffin carried out the procedure on himself and became invisible but failed to reverse it.

The story revolves around the circumstances that happen when he becomes invisible.

13). The little prince

It is written by Antoine de saint-exupery .

It tells the story about a young prince who roams in space and visits many planets including earth. He inscripts the theme of loneliness, friendship, love and loss. It describes his observations about life and human nature.

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