12 Cafés In Kolkata to linger for once

3 years ago

Kolkata has a lot of varied places that a traveler can visit. If you have a few hours to spend ideally, and if you are tired after wandering around Kolkata, explore these cafes for a tummy full, relaxed experience. The atmosphere these cafes give itself is soothing and attractive, which makes all your tiredness fly away.

1. Wise Owl The Coffee Shop –

Cafes in Kolkata
Cafes in Kolkata | wise owl coffee shop

The café is the wisest choice for a cozy breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Comforting and courteous staff serve you platters, while soothing music plays in the background. Space out into this gorgeous insta décor and enjoy savory soups, sandwiches, fries, wraps, cereals, pancakes, bread, pasta, pizzas, burgers, eggs, Maggi, salad, desserts, frittata, and combos. This café in Kolkata is also wheelchair accessible!

2. The Royal Bengal Tiger Café –

Cafes in Kolkata
Cafes in Kolkata | Bengal tiger cafe

This café in Kolkata comes with a noble cause surmounted on its back. It is dedicated to saving tigers that are endangered species. It has a live sports screening area, indoor seating, WiFiaccessibility, and is wheelchair accessible as well. Chicken cutlets, sandwiches, buns, fish fries, salad (egg/ sweet corn), pasta, patties, Maggie, sausage, nuggets, espresso, cappuccino, milkshakes (mango, banana, strawberry, chocolate, oreo), tea, iced beverages, cakes, and ice-creams are the hot picks here.

3. Roastery Coffee House, Kolkata –

Cafes in Kolkata
Cafes in Kolkata | coffee house

This café in Kolkata has a well-sanitized kitchen and gives the facility of outdoor seating, breakfast, brunch, and indoor seating. It also offers home delivery services. Roastery Coffee House has Mushroom Risotto, Hot Chocolate, Peri Peri Chicken Wings, Coffee, Brownie, Cappuccino, Prawn Salad as its top picks as a delightful meal that you will never forget.

4. The Chaiwala –

Cafes in Kolkata
Cafes in Kolkata | the chaiwala

The Chaiwala at Tollygunge, Kolkata takes safety measures such as rider hand wash and daily temperature checks. In its soothing ambiance, this café in Kolkata offers you the top picks as Chicken Burger, Chicken Wings, Chai, Burgers, Pasta, Tea, Sandwich, while you enjoy the wooden décor and extremely comfortable seating.

5. The Lighthouse Café –

Cafes in Kolkata
Cafes in Kolkata | Lighthouse cafe

Curbside pickup, rooftop eating, and home delivery services are some of the many attractive options this café in Kolkata has to offer. This café also has a very well sanitized kitchen and has daily temperature checks as an additional restaurant safety check. The top picks at this café are salads, sandwiches, pancakes, waffles, sausages, pickles, and espresso.

6. Abar Baithak The Coffee Shop –

Cafes in Kolkata
Cafes in Kolkata | Baithak the coffee shop

This aesthetic café in Kolkata has the attributes of a well-sanitized kitchen, free WiFi for its customers, breakfast, indoor seating, and home delivery. Here the top food item picks are Italian and American beverages and soups, steaks, sausages, pizzas, wraps, and chops.

7. 8th Day Café and Bakery –

Cafes in Kolkata
Cafes in Kolkata | 8th Day cafe and bakery

Would you believe it? This Kolkatan café has board games available for its customers! The classy décor will mesmerize you here. Dishes that people loved are Bagel, Cupcake, Hot Chocolate, Cappuccino, Coffee, Cinnamon Roll, Sandwich, and more! Table reservation beforehand is not at all necessary here. Enjoy your all-day breakfast at the 8th Day Café and Bakery as if you have an extra day!

8. Mrs Magpie –

Cafes in Kolkata
Cafes in Kolkata | Mrs Magpie

Cute interiors and décor, prompt service, and relishing food. At Mrs. Magpie, you will bound to love pasta, pizza, sandwiches, mini-savory cupcakes, omelets, brownies, coffee, tea, and ice-cream.

9. Crepestan Café –

Cafes in Kolkata
Cafes in Kolkata | Crepestan cafe

At Jodhpur Park, Kolkata, the Crepestan Café simply lights up the world of relaxation and comfort foods. Here you will stumble upon the vast range of French and Continental desserts and comfort food like Nutella Crepe, Potato Wedges, Peri Peri Chicken, Hot Chocolate, Crepe Sandwich, Crispy ChilliBabycorn, Pancakes and combos. Table booking in advance is recommended here. This café in Kolkata has free parking, along with free WiFi, board games, and indoor seating.

10. Lassi Kaffe –

Cafes in Kolkata
Cafes in Kolkata | Lassi kaffe

Pay a visit with your friends and family to your dream café, the Lassi Kaffe in Kolkata. Amazing décor, easy seating, along with affordable home delivery services – this café is the most affordable on our list if you are short on some bucks. Enjoy Lassi, Falooda, Kulfis, Ice-Cream, Protein Shakes, Cold Coffee, Juices, Mojito, super healthy detox and fat burner drinks, smoothie, mocktails (chocolate and fruit options available) and give your digestive system a break from unhealthy food options by beating the cheat days!

11. Paramatmane Café Studio –

Cafes in Kolkata
Cafes in Kolkata | paramatmane cafe

This amazing café cum restaurant is located in Tollygunge, Kolkata. It offers Reshmi and Peshwari Tikka, Sandwich, Pasta, Noodles, Salad, Cake, Iced Tea with Chocolate, and Cream, Manchurian (Dry/ Gravy options with Veg/ Chicken optioned cheese).

12. The Beanshot Café –

Cafes in Kolkata
Cafes in Kolkata | The BeanShot Cafe

To keep everyone safe, this restaurant cum café in Garia, Kolkata has adopted some really effective measures and steps like sanitizing the kitchen and pantry well, making hand wash available always to the rider who executes home delivery services, and initiates daily temperature checks. You will be stunned by the amazing homely décor, and Italian, American, and Continental dishes like classic English breakfast platters, sandwiches, soups, salad, wraps, the bread of your choice, chicken wings, sausages, honey glazed pork ribs, and steaks. Sounds mouthwatering yet? If yes – you need to put this café on your tab and pay a visit as soon as possible.

Here we have handpicked the 12 best cafes in Kolkata which you will love to visit more than once in the company of your friends and family, because after all – it’s food that reaches our heart first, and our stomach second.

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