Festivals to see in Jharkhand

12 Best Events to Explore the State Jharkhand

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Jharkhand is a state that is always ahead in organizing fairs and festivals. The tribal community of the state is most active to organize festivals and events to bring up the spirit and culture of Jharkhand. There are many festivals, events, and fairs that are organized by the people of Jharkhand across the state and attended by lots of tourists. 

Some of the events, festivals, and fairs of Jharkhand that you can be a part of are listed below. 

Rajrappa Mahotsav

Best Events to see in Jharkhand
Best Events to see in Jharkhand

Rajrappa Mahotsava or festival is celebrated every year in Ramgarh District of Jharkhand. The festival symbolizes Faith, Confluence, and Exultation. The place has a temple which is dedicated to Maa Chinnamastika, a headless deity who had cut her head to calm her anger after killing lots of demons.

This huge festival is also organized at Rajrappa to promote tourism. Famous artists from different parts of the country come here to perform dance, music, and songs. This art and devotion festival is not to be missed in Jharkhand.

Duration of Festival: 1-2 days

Place: Rajrappa, Ramgarh

Jamshedpur Carnival, Jamshedpur

Best Events to see in Jharkhand
Best Events to see in Jharkhand

Started in 2013 to bring together communities and to provide a platform for locales to display their talent. This four-day carnival has seen huge growth since the year it has started. Thousands of performers enroll to take part in this carnival in Jamshedpur city. The carnival is organized in the month of winter and is also known as Winter Fest. Famous artists and performers from across the world come here to enjoy and entertain. Music competition, Dance competition, and Mega Musical Night are some of the highlights of this festival. 

Place: Jamshedpur, Jharkhand

Duration of festival: 4 days

Dandiya Nights at Jamshedpur

The steel city Jamshedpur in Jharkhand sees another great celebration during the Navratri festival. Dandiya Nights is one of the greatest events organized in the city. It is organized by Gujrati Sanatan Samaj with great enthusiasm for over so many years. The fest doesn’t only see lots of participants taking part in Dandiya dance but also many famous artists performing. With over hundreds of people participating in this fest. This cultural event also organizes other attractions like a fashion show, couple dance, and cultural programs on various current issues. 

Duration of the event: Nine days 

Time of the event: During Navratri

Chhath Puja

Best Events to see in Jharkhand
Best Events to see in Jharkhand

Chhat pooja is considered to be one of the most prestigious festivals of Jharkhand state. This festival is celebrated twice once in Chaitra mass and other in Kartik Mass which falls in March and November respectively. ‘Sun-God’ is worshipped with utmost devotion during this festival. 

Hymns, songs all are sung while praying to God near rivers and ghats. The aura during this festival becomes positive and calm. This festival is celebrated with great enthusiasm in the state of Jharkhand and Bihar. People from nearby states also visit the state to witness this beautiful puja ceremony. 

Duration of festival: 1 day

Time of the festival: March and November

Kundri Mela, Pratppur

Best Events to see in Jharkhand
Best Events to see in Jharkhand

This Mela (fair) is organized at Pratppur, Chhatra District, Jharkhand. It is one of the cattle fairs that are organized in the Jharkhand district. This fair is organized with the objective of understanding the importance of livestock in everyone’s life. The festival is hugely celebrated and the traders from different areas bring their cattle uniquely dressed in colorful attires. 

The fair also has other attractions which consist of folk music, tribal dance performances, different competitions to engage more people, and sports-related activities.  The interactive environment and lots of knowledge about cattle during this festival makes one want to visit this fair at least once.

Aadi Mahotsava

Aadi Mahotsava is also known as the National Tribal Festival and is organized by The Tribal Cooperative Marketing Development Federation. The festival aims to bring out the spirit of tribal people. It celebrates tribal craft, cuisine, culture, and commerce. The festival showcases tribal art, handicrafts, painting, jewelry, fabric, and many more things. 

The other attractions of the fest are tribal music and dance performers and other local artisans performing to show their talent. Tribal cuisines in urban taste are also present at the festival. 

Duration of the festival: 9-10 days

Time of the festival:  February – March

Tusu Mahotsava

Best Events to see in Jharkhand
Best Events to see in Jharkhand

This fair is one of the oldest Mela of Tribal People at Sonari. This annual fest is organized by Jharkhand Ekta Manch and Tusu Mela Samiti at Gopal Maidan to bring together different communities together and showcase tribal talent to people. It is a great festival that comes during the winter season. Tusu Mahotsava gathers a huge crowd from neighboring states too. People gather in large numbers carrying their Goddess Tusu idols and chaudals. Various types of competitions are organized during this fest while other festivities and songs go around. The event carries cultural integration and should be attended when in that area.  

Place: Domuhani, Sonari, Itagarah

Time of festival: During winter season

Karma Festival

Best Events to see in Jharkhand
Best Events to see in Jharkhand

Karma Festival is also called the harvest festival and is celebrated in Jharkhand, Bihar, Madhya Pradesh, West Bengal, Chhattisgarh, and Assam. Dedicated to tribal God Karam, God of Power, and Youth this fest is celebrated with great enthusiasm. Lots of Festivities go on along with other cultural events. Karma Festival is held on the 11th day of Purnima (full moon) during August September in the month of Badho. Tribes in Jharkhand pray to trees and observe a fast of 24 hours. 

Duration of festival: 1 day 

Time of the festival: August or September

Sarhul Festival

Best Events to see in Jharkhand
Best Events to see in Jharkhand

Sahrul festival is celebrated during Spring Season and is one of the important festivals of the tribal population. People worship Sarna Trees which they consider holy tree. Sarhul takes place at Sarna, Chota Nagpur Plateau. This festival has a great tradition behind this. People gather around the tree and with Dhols and Nagaras, they dance and sing around the village priest (Pahan) and the Sarna Tree while the priest performs the ritual. This spring festival brings joy and happiness to their lives. The prediction of rain is also done during this festival. People gather in flocks to celebrate this festival and it goes on for weeks.

Time of the festival: Spring season

Duration of festival: Weeks of spring month

Bhadli Mela 

Best Events to see in Jharkhand
Best Events to see in Jharkhand

This fair dates back to ancient times and is one of the reasons to celebrate life and happiness for Jharkhand people. It is a religious fair where people from all over the state come together for celebrations. Bhadli Mela is organized during the time of Makar Sankranti in Itkhori, Chatra District, Jharkhand. 

Some of the attractions of the fair are worship of the gods and goddesses, festive feasts and dance performances. 

Time of the festival: Makar Sankranti

Kolhua Mela 

Best Events to see in Jharkhand
Best Events to see in Jharkhand

This fair dates back to ancient times. This Mela is organized on the highest point if Kolhua Hill. It is a religious fair. The hill point has a sanctuary of Goddess Kali and people pay offerings at the temple during this festival. Lots of other attractions go around during the fun and frolic festival along with the religious spirit.

Place of the festival: Hunterganj, Jharkhand

Chatra Mela 

Best Events to see in Jharkhand
Best Events to see in Jharkhand

This fair is also one of the cattle fairs of Jharkhand. It is held annually in the month of September and October. During this fair, people from different parts of the state come to trade their cattle. The environment is filled with people understanding the importance of cattle and livestock in our lives. 

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