12 Best Events in Delhi NCR

3 years ago

Delhi being the national capital and also a metropolitan city is always bustling with people and can certainly be called as the ‘city which never sleeps. Over the years, it has become a rhetoric of vibrant and zestful city which will always welcome its visitors with open arms. However, it is safe to say that apart from the national capital, it is also the hub of fashion, art and culture which is sure to bestow one with mesmerizing and one-off a kind experience. Known as ‘Dilwalon ki Dilli’, Delhi boasts of some really exciting and zestful events happening each year. From religious events to artistic exhibitions to scrumptious food festivals, the plethora of events in Delhi will make you fall in love with this city for sure. Read on to know about the must -visit events happening each year in Delhi.

  •  Grub Fest– produced by Book My Show, it one of the premier food festivals held each in Delhi which attracts a swarm of the crowd from all age groups. This event is a must-attend for every foodie out there as one can indulge in delectable platters and fusion dishes of cuisines and beverages as well. Apart from this, they also offer a succulent range of cuisines from Lebanon to Oriental to European. Grub Fest is usually held in the month of November every year.
Grub Fest | Image Source- Google
  • Asian Hawkers Market– This food festival offers a perfect fusion of delectable dishes from countries like Japan, Singapore, Malaysia, Vietnam, Thailand and other Asian countries. Asian Hawkers Market is a heaven for avid food lovers who as they get to experience best Asian flavors under one roof. From beetroot rolls to sushi rolls and nihari kebabs, their collection of scrumptious meals will have you awe-struck.
Asian Hawkers Market | Image Source- Google
  • Auto Expo– Asia’s largest automotive show, it has grown tremendously in size with each passing year and attracts a humungous crowd which gained global significance as well. Auto expo is basically a motor show which is held once in every two years to showcase the latest motor vehicle to the public.
Auto Expo | Image Source- Google
  • Indian International Trade fair– Commonly known as Trade Fair, it is an event held in Delhi each year which is organized so that companies or communities from different parts of the country can showcase their latest products and service and meet industry partners and competitors as well. It is the largest integrated trade fair that has evolved into a unique character and emerged as an iconic international trade fair. IITF is held every year in the month of November in Pragati Maidan.
Trade Fair | Image Source- Google
  • SurajKund Crafts Mela– A splendid mela that features vivid art, crafts and museum, Surajkund mela has emerged as one of the most grandeur crafts mela in Delhi. The fair attracts over a million visitors each year and has gained international significance as well. Apart from being the ultimate platform for artisans and craftsmen from India to showcase their exceptional talents, the mela also acquaints the public with the vibrant and zestful culture of Indian artisans.
Surajkund Mela | Image Source- Google
  • Horn OK festival– this happening food festival held every year has created a niche for itself by putting together food trucks from around the city that serve mouth-watering dishes. Live music and concerts at the backdrop make this the perfect festival to attend with your family and friends and have a fun-filled evening. Horn OK is the happiest food festival of Delhi.
Horn OK Festival | Image Source- Google
  • Dastkar Nature Bazaar– A joint venture of Delhi Tourism and Dastkaar, this place showcases exceptionally created handmade crafts from across different regions in India. From saris to scarfs to footwear to oils and pottery, they have a massive variety of collections which are indigenously made and are a feast for the eyes. The contemporary yet vibrant setting of this place makes this event stand apart from the others.
Nature Bazaar | Image Source- Google
  • Qutub Festival– India’s capital, Delhi being a metropolitan city is not only famous for malls and complexes but also has a rich cultural heritage and this festival seeks to showcase exactly the cultural richness and spirituality of this city. Held in the month of November- December inside the magnificent Qutub complex, this festival bestows their visitors with soothing Sufi music along acquainting them with refined ancient history and culture of India.
Qutub Festival | Image Source- Google
  • Comic-Con- Comic-Con is the country’s greatest pop culture celebration which showcases awesome merchandise and amazing experience to their visitors. The primary focus of the event is on comic book culture were fans mainly collect to meet the creators of the book culture.
Comic Con | Image Source- Google
  •  Delhi Book Fair- Held every year in Pragati Maidan, this book event has come to be recognized as the biggest book bonanza which features prominent publications and journals. This book fair is eagerly awaited by avid readers, famous authors, intellectuals, writers and students alike. The huge panorama of books available here not only promotes literacy but also inculcates the habit of reading among the masses.
Delhi Book Fair | Image Source- Google
  • Delhi Flower Show- One of the greatest flower exhibition held in Delhi, this festival attracts swarms of people with their splendid botanical presentation and flamboyant display of exotic flowers. People can stroll across the garden and admire the impeccable beauty of extraordinary blossoms, plants, and gardening instruments as well.
Delhi Flower Show | Image Source- Google
  • Wedding Asia in Delhi- New Delhi boasts of some really top-notch ‘Big Fat Indian Weddings’ and if you wish to experience some exquisite wedding tales, this event is a must-visit. The event seeks to promote the expression of emotions through the wedding attire and also promotes the designers, stylists, florists, and whatnot. They are known for curating an exotic medley of exclusive designer wear, accessories and lifestyle products.
Wedding Asia | Image Source- Google

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