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10 Best Cafes in Manipur

3 years ago

Manipur is blessed with natural beauty and has emerged as an ideal tourist destination. Manipur attracts a number of tourists every year that has led to the emergence of cafe culture. These cafes act as a great place to hang out with friends and family. These cafés provide various delicious cuisines, coffee, mocktails, and snacks to the tourists.

 But when there is a number of Cafes in Manipur, then you may get confused about where to go?  Don’t worry we are here to help.

In this article we are going to talk about the top cafes in Manipur that you can visit.

Life café

cafes in Manipur
cafes in Manipur | Life Cafe

Life café is one of the best cafés in Manipur that you can visit while exploring the natural beauty of Manipur. The café is situated on JJ Plaza Rengkai Road in Churachandpur. The café was opened in 2015 offering a nice place to hang out for the tourists. Delicious food with open mic nights is something that you don’t want to miss. Some of the recommended dishes are Burger, Pesto Pizza, momos, etc.

Dweller Tea

cafes in Manipur
cafes in Manipur | Dweller Tea shop

Dweller shop is a place that you cannot afford to miss in Manipur. The café is located in Lamphel Supermarket. The café not offer any ordinary tea but tea made up of indigenous plants. The variety of tea available here are made up of local herbs having great taste and can give you a refreshing experience. So when you are in Manipur, join Dweller Shop for a cup of tea. Some of the famous products are Fruity Roselle Olive tea, Nongmangkha Ginger, refreshing hei – Mang tea.

Down town café

cafes in Manipur
cafes in Manipur | Down Town Cafe

Down café is a must visited café in Manipur. The café is located at mini secretariat campus in Urkhul. In midst of scenic beauty, you will get what you wish to eat- Chinese, Indian, American, and Asian. Just say the name that the café has got it for you!

Timber café

cafes in Manipur
cafes in Manipur | TImber Cafe

The café is one of the best places to hang out while exploring and admiring the natural beauty of Manipur. The café is very beautifully furnished with timber furniture. The café is located near MBC Church Chingmeirong in Imphal.


cafes in Manipur
cafes in Manipur | Munchies

Munchies is an ideal place for tourist to hangout in Manipur with friends. The café is situated in KeishampatLeimajam Leikai near the community hall in Imphal. Munchies is a local café offering you global products. The café was started in the year of 2017 associated with a global coffee giant “Lavazza” and “McCain” products.

Café Delight

cafes in Manipur
cafes in Manipur | Cafe Delight

Café Delight is a must-visit a place with friends while a visit to Manipur. The café Delight is going to make you delight with its high-quality service. The Café is situated in KIWMC Building, Babupara. The café offers coffee, tea, mixed juices, and baked goods. The relaxed environment with high-quality services in the café is very much appreciated by the visitors.

Classic Café

cafes in Manipur
cafes in Manipur | Classic Cafe

In the midst of picturesque beauty, a luxurious place to eat is what we long for. The classic café is situated in the North A.O.C of Imphal. The classic café offers various kinds of cuisine such as oriental, continental, Indian, etc. Chaho Kheer is the specialty of the classic café that you must try here.

Uptown café

cafes in Manipur
cafes in Manipur | Uptown cafe

In the chilly weather exploring natural beauty, a warm cup of tea or coffee is what you will demand. The café is situated in Keishampat of Manipur. Some delicious dishes that are available in the café are noodles, Chowmein dumplings along with hot beverages you can try here.

Rita Café

cafes in Manipur
Cafes in Manipur | cafe Rita

Rita café is a good place that can make you memorize your childhood memories. Rita café is located in the heart or mid of Imphal. The spacious, and relaxed environment is complementary to the scenic beauty of Manipur. The café is an ideal place to satisfy your hunger pranks.

Luxmi kitchen

cafes in Manipur
cafes in Manipur | Luxmi Kitchen

Luxmi kitchen is one of the Visited places for tourists in Manipur. Luxmi kitchen is like an official certificate of completion of your journey to Manipur. The café is one of the best and most visited cafes in Manipur. The specialty of the café is “Manipuri thali”. Delicious local food will give you a memorable taste that you are surely going to remember forever.

Nikheel Café

cafes in Manipur
cafes in Manipur | Nikheel Cafe

Missing nonvegetarian food while exploring the natural beauty? Well not worry Nikheel café is here for you! The café offers a variety of delicious Chinese food. The ambiance of this place is going to possess you in its charm. The Nikheel café is situated in the heart of Imphal city. The noodles and dumplings are most loved by the youngsters who visit the place. Some of the most recommended dishes of Nikheel Café are chicken biryani, pork macaroni, and chicken noodle soup, etc.

Blue’s cafe

cafes in Manipur
cafes in Manipur | Blue’s Cafe

Blue’s cafe is a nice place to eat out in Manipur with your friends and family. The café is located in Imphal. The café offers a great place to relax and get energized. The café is mostly loved by non – vegetarian because of the delicious nonveg food that it offers a reasonable price. Chicken wings is the most recommended dish that you should try here.

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