Worship Girl Child with a Pledge

2 years ago

The two Holy, Auspicious and important days of Navratri festival are Ashtmi and Navmi, as on both the days, Kanya Pujan is done by various devotees in the different states of the country.

Devotees, generally have a mixed feeling on these days of happiness and sombreness, for these two days embark the end of Navratri fasting and also the end of all festivity of the festival.

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Kanya Pujan is itself a big day of celebration, as it symbolises worshipping and greeting nine forms of Goddess Durga by feeding and gifting, girl child at home.

But, it is so unfortunate and depressing to attach the factual treatment, with which girl child is attended on other days. It is not hidden from all of us that how this little boon of Universe is killed in the womb of a mother and how all the privileges had been given to male sex.

Perhaps, the facts are not as depressing as they were, now. But surely, the female sex is still taken like a burdened responsibility and end up living a ‘submissive’ life under the commands and orders of a father, brother, husband and then a son.

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All her life she keeps on longing for somebody to tell her that she too has got the rights to live her life, the way she wants to, like any other child.

Therefore, it is our mindset which needs to inculcate ‘the right’ and unlearn ‘the wrong’ that is, a girl child is not a ‘burdened responsibility’ but an opportunity to win the world, over.

That, she is the boon to the universe.
That, every human life exist on the planet, because she does.
That, a father gets privilege of ‘Kanya Daan’ because she exists.
That, a mother gets a helping hand because she is there to help her.
That, a brother gets support and rescue in all scolds, because she becomes his support system.
That, a sister gets hope to survive through thick and thin, because she gets her that hope.
That a society, nation, generation learns morals, manners, equality, emotions because ‘a motherly’ form exist.

And, therefore pledge, this Navratri to change your perspective towards girl child, pledge to touch one life, pledge to take care of your utmost priority. And, in return, she will nurture the life beyond for you, tomorrow and forever.

Sakshi Narang, Manager Communications and Editorial, Jugaadin.com


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3 thoughts on “Worship Girl Child with a Pledge”

  1. Our country is growing and only the fickle minded people see girls as a burden… i have my father, brother and a lot of guy friends who respects me in all the wayssss … society today is changing .. minds of people are growing … And every girl is worthy of respect and love ❤❤…
    Well done sakshi ..
    More power to our girls ✌✌

  2. Certainly your thought is admirable but you know most of our natives are illitrate and this won’t address their psychology.Its a pity that we worship girls as devies “in navratre but rest of days their worth nothing.Female foeticide, being one of most havoc issues,my heart sinks when I think or see it anywhere. Prevailed thinking that only son can avail us in old days is nothing but a dilemma in our society.we must educate girls only then we can evaluate their position in society.

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