8 Benefits of having a smartwatch

3 years ago

Technology is developing day by day. There are a number of digital things generating regularly. Smartwatch is one of them which, along with showing time, does a lot of other stuff. But so do people have smartphones!! Which always makes them question why to buy a smartwatch when they have a smartphone? What features of smartwatches are better than smartphones? Why should they buy a smartwatch?

Well all these doubts of yours will end after reading this article. We’ve mentioned all the benefits of smartwatches which will help you know it’s worth and identify its difference from smartphones.

1). Picking up Calls

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If you are in busy and noisy areas. It often happens missing up calls due to not listening to the ring sound and the vibration due to the noisy atmosphere. But smartwatches help you in these conditions. They produce a vibration when you get any call or message. So that you can easily know about any call and can pick if you want to at that time.

2). Making up calls and sending messages

With a smartwatch you can easily make calls and messages without your phone. It usually happens sometimes our phone is quite away from us and we need to make urgent calls . This is useful especially when you are exercising or any other activity then it can be a very convenient option to you. Certainly smartphones are preferred over smartwatches . But sometimes it’s helpful in cases when carrying a phone is unhandy.

3). Health Tracking

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Smartwatches let you count on your fitness goals. It can count steps,calories, heart rate, pulse rate, sleep, distance etc. And as the technology is developing day by day there are also some other metrics generated like making smartwatches waterproof which allows you to keep track of your swimming activity. 

So if you are thinking of buying any pedometer , fitness tracker or something just replace it with smartwatch.

4). Navigation

When you get on the road there are a number of routes to different locations which often confuses you for the route to your destination. But thanks to our technology, these days we can easily know the routes by using maps and GPS systems. Smartphone mounts are always not reliable such as in two wheeler or bicycle. In this case a smartwatch can make it ultimately easy for you to use navigation and reach your desired place.

5). Battery life

Smartwatches have solid and long time battery life due to which they can survive way longer than smartphones. Whenever you go on a long trip or even use your phone for a long time for work , it often happens that your battery overs and phone becomes dead. But in that case a smartwatch is always there for your backup. 

6). All time Connectivity

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It’s quite awkward to pick your phone with yourself everywhere. Like when you are walking, running, swimming, dancing etc. But we often have a need for it for some urgent calls, important notifications etc. Smartwatch helps you connect to your phone every time and allows you to see message, other notifications easily. 

7). Entertainment Purposes

Benefits of smartwatch| Image source: google

Smartwatches always stay closer to you and are very handy. Whenever you feel bored and have a mood of listening to a song or watching any video you can easily turn it on on your smartwatch. However, it’s screen is very small in comparison to a smartphone but it can be used for instant entertainment purposes and easily make your mood better. 

8). Finding your phone

Smartwatch can easily let you connect to your phone. It often happens you place your phone somewhere and forget about it and then unable to find it anywhere. You just mess up things and become frustrated. Well smartwatch is a very helpful option in this case. You can easily find your phone through smartwatch as it is always connected to your phone. You can ring your phone through it and find it easily.

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