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5 ways to increase productivity while working from home during coronavirus

5 days ago

The fear of novel coronavirus is rising day by day and states to cities are getting lockdown for the safety of people. Due to the outbreak of COVID 19, companies are forced to allow their employees to work from home. But for people who are habitual from seeing co-workers every day to social distancing or self-isolating can be challenging and difficult. This may affect your productivity. But for the betterment of the self and your loved ones, you have to adjust in household chores along with official work.

There are some ways through which you can manage work from home easily at the time of quarantine

1. Make your personal workstation at Home: It is always better to have an office like a desk or space at home to work efficiently. This will help you to be isolated and divide home and work responsibilities. Your family members would also understand when you work in your workspace no to distract or disturb you.

2. Move: When you go to the office, you knowingly or unknowingly do some sort of exercise because of the commute. It’s easy to grow lazy, sleepy and discouraged when you don’t have a place to go. So schedule or try to do any physical exercise between your video calls and work at home.

3. Don’t take stress: Stress is something that is unavoidable while working from home during the time of coronavirus. The news and death data may cause anxiety but you have to avoid them so as to reduce your stress level. Get indulge in your work, play with children, spend some time with the spouse can be some stress busters.

4. Dressed like professional: Yes, dressed as you are getting into the office. This will keep your mindset active and give you a sense of feeling that you are in the office not in your house. This means that you shouldn’t break your daily routine, just work like similar to the one you had before work from home.

5. Keep the Connectivity: The biggest challenge that works from home or quarantine time brings is a lack of human connection. It is quite difficult for a professional like you who is in the constant habit of meeting with colleagues, team, and others throughout the company. But thanks to technology, now this seems to be a cakewalk. You can use the power of Digital Marketing, social medium sites and certain video apps for promoting your business, staying in connection through group calls. You can plan daily meetings on video calls at a specific time to discuss further strategies for the company.

Also, to prevent coronavirus to spread, keep your home infection free, wash your hands after an interval of every 30 minutes and cough, sneeze in your sleeves.

Seema Jain

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