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relation between sleep and heart big-plus

How the lack of sleep affects the Heart

Apr 24, 2020

In today’s life where every individual is overburdened in both work and personal lives, sleep indeed becomes a luxury for most of them. Yet good night’s sleep is widely recognized as a significant factor in preserving healthy overall health and cardiovascular health, in particular, said Dr. Dinesh Sehgal, Interventional Cardiologist. It is not entirely clear […]

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Sleep deprivation is dangerous big-plus

How Sleep Deprivation is dangerous???

Feb 06, 2020

According to a 2018 study conducted by a consumer products giant, nearly 93per cent of Indians is sleep deprived. The study also said that sleeping past 10 pm triggers a change within the sleeping pattern that results in sleep deprivation. You may blame it on changing lifestyles, work schedules or obsession with gadgets.  WHAT IS SLEEP […]

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