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Food of Nepal: Famous Dishes of Nepal

8 months ago

The food of Nepal or Nepali cuisine is one of the best that you can get. The blend of their spices with the food is deliciously and finger-licking. The food style here as compared to other regions is quite different as it being a mountainous region. Most of the food items are boiled or semi-boiled and contains a lot of animal protein especially meat and vegetables, that make the food delicious. The cuisine takes some of its influence from the neighboring countries like Tibet, India, China. The food here is generally healthy and contains low fat and oil.

 We look at some of the best food dishes in Nepal on offer when you visit the country

1.  Dal Bhat

This is considered to be the staple food of Nepal and people usually have their lunch or dinner or in some cases both with this item. This is rice and lentil soup (dal) that is served along with any form of meat and a side dish vegetable. This is a very normal and healthy food which is consumed by the Nepalis as their main food of the day.

Famous Dishes of Nepal
Famous Dishes of Nepal : Dal Bhat

2. Momo’s

 Momos are a specialty of the country and you can find a stall selling it almost in every nook and corner. It is one of the most popular items among tourists in Nepal. It is a white flour dumpling that is either made with chicken lamb pork or vegetable stuffing. These are either served boiled or fried along with special chutneys or even mayonnaise. This is one of the most popular foods in Nepal.

Famous Dishes of Nepal
Famous Dishes of Nepal | Momos

3. Thupka

Thupka is another local item that has been very popular in Nepal among tourists. This is a thick noodle soup along with meat and vegetables and is usually served with momos. The dish is made by boiling the noodles and adding vegetables and meat in the boiled water. The dish is usually served hot and at the time of winter and is quite a healthy dish.

Famous Dishes of Nepal
Famous Dishes of Nepal | Thupka

4. Sel Roti

A typical mixture of the European food item of doughnut and bagel, Sel Roti is one in all the foremost asked for a snack in Nepal during festivals like Tihar and Dashain. It’s a circular rice flour bread which is deep-fried to form a crunchy outer layer but with a soft inner layer. It’s crispy and sweet and tastes best with yogurt or veggies. Being a well-liked festival food in Nepal, this dish could be a must-try if you visit the country.

Famous Dishes of Nepal
Famous Dishes of Nepal | Sel roti

5. Yomari

A sweet dish prepared from rice dough and filled with a sweet paste product of coconut, sesame seeds, and molasses, Yomari maybe a festival food in Nepal, made only during the festival of Yomari Punhi. This festival is well celebrated annually during winters to thank God for a decent harvest. This dish is extremely famous in Kathmandu and you would possibly also find its spicy version made with lentil.

Famous Dishes of Nepal
Famous Dishes of Nepal | Yomari

6. Dhindho or Dhando Thali

This is a type of porridge made by boiling cornmeal and buckwheat flour in water. It is a sweet Dish of Nepal that is being served with butter, yogurt, and even at times with vegetables. It is one of the most famous food in the rural areas of Nepal.

Famous Dishes of Nepal
Famous Dishes of Nepal | Dhindo

7. Wo or Bara

This is a type of pancake that is made in Nepal. This is usually made by the Newari people of the country. The Wo or Bara is made up of ground lentil. These are dal patties that are made usually as a snack. If you are a non-vegetarian you can add egg or meat into the batter and make a no-veg item as well.

Famous Dishes of Nepal
Famous Dishes of Nepal | Bara

8. Gundruk

This is a side dish in Nepal that is usually served with the Dhindho. These are green leafy vegetables that are made to leave dry. The preparation includes mustard, radish and cauliflower, and other green vegetables which are stored in an earthen pot.  This storing is done until there are acidic juices released and undergone fermentation. It is a type of pickle.

Famous Dishes of Nepal
Famous Dishes of Nepal | Gundruk

9. Gorkhari lamb

This is a non-veg dish that is very popular in Nepal. This is mainly a curry dish with slow cooking of lamb along with onions and potatoes. Once the curry is prepared, the lamb is removed and grilled separately again with chilies. Then it is again put back in the curry with the chilies making it quite a spicy dish.

Famous Dishes of Nepal
Famous Dishes of Nepal | Gorkhari lamb

10. Chatamari

This dish is quite different from the others we have seen. The base is made of rice and flour with vegetables like onions,coriander chopped on it along with meat slices and eggs. The shape is round thus giving it a pizza-like appearance. But the taste and other things are quite different from that of pizza.

Famous Dishes of Nepal
Famous Dishes of Nepal | Chatamari

11. Samay Baji

This is a traditional dish and is served in Nepal for long generations. It is buffalo meat that has been barbequed along with rice, boiled eggs, and a spicy potato dish. This is a gourmet dish and is a must-try if you visit Nepal.

Famous Dishes of Nepal
Famous Dishes of Nepal | Samay Baji

12. Juju Dhau

This is yogurt and is made up of buffalo milk. The dish is very creamy and usually acts like a desert for the Nepali people. It is also known as the king of curds in Nepal and most famous in Nepal.

Famous Dishes of Nepal
Famous Dishes of Nepal | Juju Dhau

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