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2020 has been a year where digitalization has taken a big step forward due to unavoidable circumstances. Due to the current pandemic situations, the whole world has to be connected digitally as working outside is a tedious as well as quite a harmful job nowadays. From students to teachers to working professionals everyone is working from home using the digital and online medium. For online classes and office meetings, a more important need apart from the internet is an app that will allow everyone to stay connected at one time. Video conferring apps become the need of the hour and one of the best apps is ZOOM which has become the medium of almost every meeting that is being held online. It has a lot of features that enabled it to become one of the best apps that are being used for video conferencing.


Zoom company was established in the United States of America. It was created by a Chinese based resident of the USA known as Eric Yuan in the year 2011 for video conferencing, online chatting, and meeting. It was one of the first apps to be able to host over 10 people in a video conference and soon became an option for video calling and video conferencing over long distances due to its user-friendly environment and easy to access the workspace. It has seen rapid growth in its user rate from the year 2019 and with the pandemic setting ling down in the early 2020s, Zoom became one of the most used apps and one of the most downloaded app as well.


After its initial boom in 2020, there were reports of personal data being leaked out from the company with many users reporting cases and many countries even banned zoom with other apps on the horizon like Google Meet. There were large sections of people who were unhappy with the number of people accusing the company of their personal data being leaked. But then the company intervened and solved the issue by increasing the security and the privacy of the app. The company had also announced a 90 day freeze period on any new feature of the app to increase the security and work on it which has successfully paid off.

Here we look at some of the ZOOM tips that you can follow and use so that your meetings are done in an organized manner and you won’t face any difficulty from others.

1. Scheduling a meeting

Your work might need a lot of meetings for example, with clients—and you are responsible for informing and scheduling it, you may want to attach your scheduling app Zoom, and your calendar. This requires a paid version of zoom to work out.

2. To make a note of who has attended the meeting

Quite often Zoom is used to carry a compulsory event, sort of a university lecture or a security training session. You almost certainly want to grasp who attends. You’ll get that information from a report once the meeting is finished. The attendee list for all meeting lives can be found within the Zoom Account Management > Reports section. Explore for Usage Reports,  click Meeting to seek out the meeting you wish, select the report type and date range, and generate the report. This works only if you are the host and have a paid version of Zoom.

3. Creating meetings with saved URL

Zoom has a feature that allows you to save meetings that will be recurring. There are two benefits of using this setting. First, it enables you to lock all the decision settings you wish and have them in situ each time you meet. Second, recurring calls use the identical join URL anytime.

Zoom Tips
Zoom Tips

4. Record your meeting

Zoom allows recording your conference as a video that can be used in the future if needed. When you record, you want to choose whether to use the local or cloud option. Local means you store the video file yourself, or in the Zoom cloud(Paid versions only).

5. Getting information’s from the attendees

In addition to getting an attendance sheet, you’ll be able to also gather information from meeting attendees about themselves before they join the meeting. You can give the registration option where the attendees need to fill up the necessary information before attending any meeting.

Zoom Tips
Zoom Tips

6. Share Screen

There are a lot of people in a meeting who may have different opinions on a topic. Zoom allows everyone to share their ideas via the share screen option where everyone can see the idea one proposes and can even point out some changes if needed using the Annotate toolbar.

Zoom Tips
Zoom Tips

7. Giving a waiting room

Just like meetings in real life where people wait in a room before attending a meeting, zoom also gives a waiting room option where the people who have come early will wait for the meeting to start. This gives a good image of the company and also shows professionalism.

Zoom Tips
Zoom Tips

8. Co-hosting calls

Many meetings need more than one person to have control over the meeting. There may be two or more persons who might want to head a meeting. Zoom gives this facility of co-hosting the meetings so that it becomes more progressive and works out best for everyone. This also requires the paid version of ZOOM.

9. Learning keyboard shortcuts

It will be very much handy if the person knows the keyboard shortcuts for certain actions so that there would be no delay and people can quickly share what they want to share.

Zoom Tips
Zoom Tips

Zoom is the need of the hour and people quickly need to adapt to these techniques. There is a lot of criticism for the app but it is still one of the best in the business. With things being shifted to online platforms rapidly, Zoom tips show how to manage things effectively in online mode.

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