World Theater Day 2020

6 months ago

The theater has been one of the foremost popular kinds of entertainment since the Greeks. World theater day is an initiative of the international theater institute ITI which celebrates world theater day on 27 March at the national and international levels. Theatre is a combination of various forms of art that uses actors, actresses and live performers to present before a live audience about the real experience at a specific location or maybe on a stage.

In 1961, the International Theater Institute began to celebrate world theater day. On this day, ITI host an annual message, which is spoken by selected renowned theater artist, to share their views about the art of theatre and its future. The first message was spoken in 1962 by Jean Cocteau. This year Shahid Nadeem, Pakistan’s leading playwright and head of the renowned Ajoka theatre, has been chosen to deliver the message on World Theater Day. Shahid Nadeem performs in Pakistan, India and worldwide. Shahid Nadeem’s plays are known for their socially relevant subjects such as violence against women, discrimination against minorities, freedom of expression, religious extremism, climate, and peace.

These International messages are translated into more than 50 languages and printed in thousands of newspapers. ITI has more than 90 centers throughout the world; it also encourages colleges, schools, theatre professionals and theater lovers to celebrate this day. In today’s time, the importance of theatre is decreasing, so this day is a call for governments, politicians, institutions, and people to acknowledge the value of theatre.

Shruti Jain

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