World Alzheimer’s Day: Causes, symptoms, and treatment of Dementia

8 months ago

To raise the awareness and issues affected by the people suffering from Dementia, every year on September 21, World Alzheimer’s Day is organized. Also the September month is celebrated as World Alzheimer’s Month.

Globally nearly 50 million people are suffering from dementia. Dementia is a very common type of Alzheimer’s. The theme for World Alzheimer’s Month in 2020 is ‘Let’s talk about dementia’.

What is Alzheimer disease?

Alzheimer’s disease is a neurological disorder that destroys the nerve cells of the brain. Due to this, the physical and mental condition of the patient deteriorates considerably. He does not remember anything. Decision-making capacity decreases. Nature is constantly changing. The patient has to face a lot of difficulties doing everyday tasks as well. Alzheimer’s is a predominantly brain disease that increases with age.

What are the factors that cause Alzheimer’s disease?

This disease is caused by the formation of a special type of protein called Tau Tangles in the brain. It interferes with the interaction between the nerve cells and the activity between them, due to which the person is not able to balance correctly. At the same time, the disease is also genetic in some people. Physical inactivity, obesity, diabetes, head injury, hearing loss, etc. are the main factors.

What are the main problems faced by Alzheimer’s patients?

In addition to memory and language problems in a person suffering from Alzheimer’s disease, there is also a problem of expressing any kind of pain.  Problems in swallowing food, balance, and control of the gut and bladder also occur when the disease is severe.

What are the symptoms and treatment of Alzheimer’s disease?

There is no exact treatment yet and the disease can be detected only on the basis of testing of symptoms. For this, doctors test the brain changes and mental symptoms through tests, MRI, CT scans. Doctors don’t have an accurate treatment for Alzheimer’s. However, some medications and behavioral symptoms can be improved to reduce its effects.

So this World Alzheimer’s day let’s raise awareness, educate, encourage, and support to demystify dementia.

Seema Jain

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