Windows 10 is Now Passwordless in New Update.

1 year ago

We all use windows in our daily life and we protect our data by applying password on windows. Sometimes the situation gets worse when we forgot the password at that time we have to find another solution to break our own windows to open. To get rid of this situation now Microsoft is making passwordless windows 10.

Microsoft officially announced that they will bring a new feature of passwordless windows 10 in the upcoming update. The new update will have; face authentication, fingerprints and Pin code. The password option will get vanish from the loading screen.

Why Passwordless Windows?

If we talk about smartphones then earlier smartphones also have password options but when fingerprint technology was introduced then the password option is just to become an optional feature. Fingerprint technology made use of smartphones easy. We can now open every app with fingerprint it is safe and unique. No one can see your password or open your phone without your fingerprint. The biggest advantage of this technology is you do not have to remember or change your password in regular a base.

In windows, in accordance to remember the password people set the password easy and do not change it a long time. When the password hasn’t changed in a long time then it becomes easy to hack by the hackers and our data can be stolen.

Deepak Kumar

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