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Valentine’s Day: The day of Expressing Love

1 month ago

Valentine’s Day is widely celebrated on 14th February every year across the planet. Largely a Western tradition, the day is now celebrated during a major way within the eastern part of the world like India.

 On this day, lovers exchange gifts and cards to profess their love for each other while single men and ladies search for their valentine. Several clubs and discs organize special nights on this occasion with amazing music, candlelight dinners, and other romantic settings.

 History of Valentine’s Day

 It is believed that the day of Valentine’s is widely known to commemorate the death anniversary of Saint Valentine who died in February, way back in 270 AD. Saint Valentine was believed to aid Christian couples in love to secretly marry.

 This led to his beheading by Emperor Claudius II who had prohibited males from getting married as he thought single men are dedicated and better soldiers. However, Saint Valentine didn’t support this concept and thus, facilitated weddings of individuals who were in love and decided to marry.

 Importance and significance of Valentine’s day

 Valentine’s Day celebrates love and companionship. The celebrations start a week before with Rose Day when people express their love by giving roses to every other. It is followed by Propose Day when lovers ask the question. Then came Chocolate Day followed by Teddy Day when chocolates and teddy bears are given as a token of love. After that two days are celebrated as Hug Day and Kiss Day.

 If you’re trying to work out what to do on Valentine’s Day, just know that there are not any rules: It’s a new era, and you’ll celebrate the day of love however you want, even if it’s just through self-love.

Cooking a fancy meal at home, going to movies, hosting a valentine’s day party or a nice dinner; whatever you do. If you’ve got a romantic partner, just confirm you’re on the same page to avoid any disappointments or hurt feelings.


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