Transform Institute Launches Scholarship Test : TST

2 years ago

Are you a student eager to explore your boundaries and expand your horizon? Do you have the skills that you want to showcase to the world?

Scholarship Test provides a myriad of opportunities for you a platform for you to demonstrate your talent a stepping stone to achieving great things in life. They represent unconventional but effective ways of securing scholarships and get exposure to real-world issues.

In discussion with Er.Surender Poonia, Director of Our Academy. He said that — Many students feel it is difficult to express their talents in school. Exams and group assignments don’t always capture students’ unique skills or accurately measure the ability to apply skills to real-world problems. By participating in TST organized by Transform a venture of Ours Academy students will have a new opportunity to show their talent and apply their skills. In turn, the rewards of TST whether tangible or otherwise can help them achieve their educational goals.

In continuation with it, Dr.Pooja Grover the Academic Head of Transform said that not everyone who enters the competition will win. However, even if a student doesn’t receive any of the big prizes

He/she can still benefit from the opportunity to challenge themselves. They will learn new things and develop new skills and can talk about it with their friends. She said that it is important to note that the scholarship test is a journey, not an endpoint. Anyone’s success ( or apparent failure) is just another stepping stone to the next point along the way. Transform Scholarship Test is a hunt.

Transform Academy a venture of Our Academy has also kept the registration fees for this scholarship absolutely free as Transform believes the scholarship is something in which every student should take part in without any hassles. The most interesting part of attempting TST is that students are saved from any kind of extra effort. The syllabus for TST is being designed on the previous class curriculum which the student has already studied. The series of questions will be MCQ (Multiple Choice Questions) and the winner will be rewarded by attractive prizes class-wise.

So, register yourself before 13th October and let TST help you realize your dreams.

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