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Top politicians of Nagaland

6 months ago

Politicians are those who are actively involved in party politics. They are people representatives and carry out their responsibility to ensure that public administration must be conducted impartially and neutrally. They take responsibility for formulating, coordinating, and deciding upon policies with respect to the benefits of the people.

Some of the top politicians of Nagaland are:

Neiphiu Rio

( Chief Minister of Nagaland)

Neiphiu Rio was born on November 11, 1950, in Kohima district, Nagaland. He received his early education from Sainik school Purulia and graduated from the Saint Joseph College at first, and later graduated from Kohima Arts College. Neiphiu Rio was appointed as the chairman of the Northern Angami area council in 1984.

He is a politician of Nagaland and serving currently as chief minister of Nagaland. When he joins politics for the very first time, Rio was elected to Nagaland legislative assembly as Congress first candidate from the northern Angami -ll constituency during the seventh general elections of 1989. Neiphiu is the only politician of Nagaland that has served as chief minister for three consecutive terms from the year 2003 to the year 2013 continuously.

Politicians of Nagaland
               Mr. Neiphiu Rio | CM of Nagaland

T. R. Zeliang

( Former Chief Minister of Nagaland)

Taditui Rangkau Zeliang was born on 21st February 1952 at the village named Mbaupunnggwa under Peren district, Nagaland. Zeliang was merited from Don Bosco High school in Dibrugarh, Assam, and served as the President of Zeliangrong Student union, General secretary of Zeliangrong action committee, and Zeliangrong Youth Organisation while in college. Later he joined politics and became the President of Paren District Youth Congress of the Indian National Congress.

 T. R. Zeliang is a Naga Indian politician who served twice as the Chief Minister of Nagaland from May 2014 to February 2017 and from July 2017 to March 2018. As a candidate of the Indian National Congress, he previously served as a member of parliament representing Nagaland in the Rajya Sabha. Currently, T. R.Zeliang served as the NPF legislature party and Opposition party leader in Nagaland Legislative Assembly.

Politicians of Nagaland
                Mr.T. R. Zeliang | CM of Nagaland

S.C. Jamir

( Former Chief Minister of Nagaland)

S.C. Jamir was born on 17th October 1931 in Ungma village. He received his school education in Kolkata. From Scottish Church College did his intermediate in Arts, and higher studies at the Allahabad University from where he subsequently obtained his degrees of B.A. and LLB.

S.C. Jamir was the member of that negotiation body that was leading to the establishment of Nagaland as a state within India. From 1961 to 1970 he was elected as the first Lok Sabha member from the State of Nagaland. He is an Indian politician and former Governor of Orissa. S.C. Jamir has served as a Chief Minister of Nagaland, Governor of Gujarat, Governor of Maharashtra, Governor of Orissa, and Governor of Goa. S.C. Jamir was also awarded the third-highest Civilian Award in India, Padma Bhushan in 2020 for his work in public affairs. He is a great politician of Nagaland.

Politicians of Nagaland
        Mr. S. C. Jamir | Former CM of Nagaland

Tokheho Yepthomi

( Member of Parliament, Lok sabha, Incumbent)

Tokheho Yepthomi was born on 1st April 1956 and was raised in Anghunato, Nagaland. He completed his graduation from Saint Edmunds College, Shillong, and was an active student leader in his college days. Tokheyo Yepthomi served as the President of the Eastern Sumi students Union before joining Indian National Youth Congress. He was involved in the Timber trade of Nagaland in the 1980s, prior to seeking elections.

He is an Indian politician from Nagaland who is a former Cabinet Minister of Nagaland and currently a Member of Parliament. He has been elected to the Nagaland Legislative Assembly for 5 terms from 1993 to 2018 and served as a cabinet minister for Transport and Communication, Public Works Department, and Public Health Engineering Department from 1995 to 2008 under Chief minister Neiphiu Rio and S.C. Jamir tenure.

Politicians of Nagaland
                Mr. Tokheho  Yepthomi | MP of Lok Sabha

P. Shilu Ao

(First Chief Minister of Nagaland)

P. Shilu Ao was born on 24th December 1916 in Longjang, Mokokchung District, Nagaland. He had completed his education at the Impur Mission School and received his bachelor’s degree from Cotton College, Guwahati, and a law degree from Guwahati University.

 Ao was a politician of Nagaland ( Naga) who was involved in the negotiations leading to the creation of Nagaland during 1963. After then, P.Shilu Ao was served as the first Chief Minister of Nagaland until August 1966. He played an important part in persuading the Indian Government and the Lok sabha to grant Nagaland separate statehood but was not able to reconcile many Naga nationalists.

Politicians of Nagaland
       Mr. P. Shilu Ao | 1st CM of Nagaland

T. N. Angami

(Second Chief Minister of Nagaland)

TN Angami was born on 14 August 1963 in Jotsoma village near Kohima, Nagaland. He was from a wealthy Angami Naga family. He received his education in Kohima, Jorhat, and Shillong. T.N. Angami also served as a storekeeper in the Indian army during the Second World War and worked in the office of the Deputy Commissioner of the Naga Hills District for 5 years.

He was a Naga politician who served as the first speaker of the Nagaland legislative assembly and the second chief minister of the North-Eastern Indian state of Nagaland.

Hokishe sema

(Third Chief minister of Nagaland)

Hokishe Sema was born on March 6, 1921, in the Sutemi village in the Naga Hills District. He received his education from Government School and completed his graduation from Serampore College and St. Anthony’s College in Shillong. In the 1950s Sema joined government service as a School Inspector. After then, he served as an Assistant Commissioner of the Naga Hills District of undivided Assam.

He was an Indian politician of Nagaland who served as a third Chief Minister of Nagaland and IV Governor of Himachal Pradesh. He was also a member of the drafting committee of the Naga people’s convention.

Politicians of Nagaland
    Mr.Hokishe Sema | 3rd CM of Nagaland

K.G. Kenye

( MP of Rajya Sabha for Nagaland, Incumbent )

K. G.Kenye was born on 6th November 1960 in Nagaland, is a member of the Rajya Sabha since 2016. Kanye is the secretary-general of a regional party called Naga People’s Front party in Nagaland. K.G. Kenya is also serving as an Advisor to the Chief Minister of Nagaland. Kenye is elected to the Rajya sabha for Nagaland seat after the incumbent, as on 26 November 2015, Khekiho Zhimomi died. A fresh election for a fresh term was held and K.G.Kenye was elected unopposed on 14th March 2016, as Khekiho Zhimomi was retired on 2nd April 2016.

Politicians of Nagaland
   Mr. K.G. Kenye | MP of Rajya Sabha

Rano M. Shaiza

(Member of Parliament, Lok sabha)

Ranu was born on 11 November 1928 to an Angami Naga family in Phek town, Nagaland. She studied Science at Cotton College, Guwahati, and graduated from St.Mary’s College, Shillong.

Shaiza was a Naga Indian politician and a member of the United Democratic Party. From the State of Nagaland, Rano M. Shaiza was the first woman member of India’s lower house. She contested her first general election in 1977 and defeated the Chief Minister Hokishe Sema of the Indian National Congress and became the first woman Member of India’s Lower  House from the State of Nagaland. She played an important role in taking the Naga peace Accord ahead.

Politicians of Nagaland
                    Rano M.Shaiza | MP, Lok Sabha

Vizol Angami

(Former Chief Minister of Nagaland)

Vizol Angami was born on 16 November 1949. Vizol completed his education from Government High School, Shillong, and graduated from the college Saint Edmunds college, Shillong in the year 1951.

He was a Naga politician who served as the Fourth Chief Minister of Nagaland two times from February 1974 until March 1975 and November 1977 until April 1980. As a part of the United Democratic Front Nagaland, Vizol Angami became the Chief Minister of Nagaland.

Politicians of Nagaland
      Mr. Vizol Angami | 4th CM of Nagaland

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