Tooth or Dental Bonding: Procedure, Uses and Precaution

1 year ago

Dental Bonding: To improve a person’s smile, dentist undergoes many cosmetic surgeries but a simple technique of dental bonding can be used to restore the beautiful smile. Dental bonding is a technique of repairing decayed, cracked, discolored teeth by applying a resin (Plastic) of same color as of tooth. The method is also used for filling the space between the teeth and it can also change the shape of teeth. It is an easy way of cosmetic dental procedure as it can be done in a single visit unlike veneers. The resin used is polished and shaped just to match with the other tooth.

Procedure: First of all, dentist will rough or scratch the tooth surface and then applied a conditioner or bonding material on the tooth. Then the resin like plastic material is applied and molded in the desired shape of the tooth. The resin that is applied is liquid in nature; it is hardened by the laser light. After hardening, the material is trim, shaped and polished to match with the surroundings.

To maintain the beauty of the bonded teeth, a person should avoid smoking and drinking caffeine substances like tea, coffee because this resin material is stain resistant. It gat stained very easily. To avoid stain, one should brush twice a daily and visit dentist for good oral health.

The disadvantage of using tooth bonding is that the material used can be chip off easily while chewing nails, pens or any other hard substance. Thus, routine checkups are necessary for ensuring the oral health hygiene and bonded tooth condition.

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