Spend quality time with your children for their development: Dr. Archana

1 year ago

If your child is behaving differently and being a parent you are worried, then you have to examine yourself once. It may happen that because of your changed behavior, your child is getting affected and behaving like a loner. A Parent should behave ideally to set an example for the children. Parenting is an art and every parent should know this art to examine the behavioral changes of their children. On Sunday, in a parenting workshop, some of the parenting tips were given by Clinical Psychologist, Dr. Archana.

Parents with Dr. Archana

She guides that parent should devote some quality time from their daily routine with children for their overall development. It will be helpful for both as a parent can have an eye on their ward’s activities and in return children get to learn from the parent. It is quite common that parent that doesn’t spend time with their children, they become adamant, stubborn and can also lead to bad habits.

Seema Jain

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