Some tips to prepare for your First year of college

1 year ago

After the finishing of school, the next adventure of life starts i.e. College. It is an entertaining and fun-filled journey with some stress also. Pre-preparing for all the in and out happenings that will occur during college time can help in setting ourselves up for success. Here are some tips that a student must follow during the first year of college:

1. Must visit the campus

If you ever get a chance to visit or to have a campus tour of the college, you must go on. This will give the information about all those activities, different departments, and services that a college is offering to a student.

2.  Build Network

Every person you will meet could be a helping hand for you on your college journey. Be friendly and personable with all the people you encounter in your college life. Take the time to learn people’s names and be interested in their lives. This will increase your network and can help you at the time of job hunting.

3. Participate in Extracurricular activity of your choice:

Colleges have a wide exhibit of clubs and activities. You should exploit these chances. Indeed, one should aim to hold some position (e.g., secretary for an activity or sports club) during their time at college. You should consider joining any one extra-curricular activity. Students who are exceptionally dynamic in extra-curricular exercises have an advantage.

4. Work Diligently

Try not to give your first year a chance to overpower you. Rather, make your first year of college stunning.  Do hard works in your studies as it will set yourself up for progress.

5. Stay safe

You will get a variety of students at the college. It will depend on you with whom you will do friendship. Take notice of your surroundings and people. Stay safe and seek help from college authorities at the time of emergency.

Seema Jain

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