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Skype introduced new “meet now” feature, allows quick and easy video conferencing

8 months ago

Skype has finally introduced its new ‘meet now’ feature to conduct conference video calls in an easy and quick way. The new “Meet Now” feature enables the host to start a group conversation without downloading the app or even sign-ups. The video conferencing can be started by generating a link, one simple click then share the link to invite friends and then join video calls through unique links.

Skype is an online video conferencing service application that provides users with video chat or video call with each other. With the outbreak of COVID19, the usage of an app called Zoom is incredibly increased. It enables users to video calls in a group but the Zoom app is now having privacy-related issues with it. So to rival the Zoom, Skype introduces its new “Meet Now”  feature to group calls without even log in or downloading the app.

According to Skype, this new “Meet Now” feature is more secured and easy as compared to Zoom. By Meet Now feature a user can store recording up to 30 Days, it will help users to review the call later. It also has “blur your background” feature. This feature enables us to blur the background before entering the call and can also easily share presentations, work materials or designs in the conference calls.

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