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Ramnivas Rara election office inauguration, a large crowd of people supports him

1 year ago

Many political personalities and business leaders including Jagdish Jindal, former MPs Pt. Ramjilal, Krishna Singla Titu, Trilok Bansal arrived at the inauguration.
Hisar 07 October: Ramnivas Rara, contesting on a Congress ticket from Hisar, today showed political strength at his election office, gathering a large crowd of 36 fraternity people. Thousands of people were present on this occasion. The electoral office was launched with havan-yajna. On the inauguration of the election office, many dignitaries and famous political personalities of the city arrived including former MP Pandit Ramjilal, Jagdish Jindal from Jindal House, Krishna Singla Titu, former head of the city council, Trilok Bansal, and former head of the city council. Several dignitaries including Bihari Lal Rara, Lalit Sharma and Saini Sabha head Ramesh Kumar were also present.

Ramniwas rara election office inauguration

On this occasion, former MP Ramjilal said in his address that the “people of Hisar will give support to Ramanivas Rara this time by calling BJP goodbye because the people of Hisar have seen five-year tenure of the BJP government. BJP has been done huge claims to make Hisar a magnet city, but the situation is completely the opposite, due to which there is a lot of anger among the people of Hisar against the present government and they will demonstrate their anger by voting against the BJP. Ramnivas Rara is a hardworking, sociable and well-to-do leader who understands the happiness and miseries of Hisar’s people closely, so the people of Hisar will use their votes intelligently. He said that he is confident that Ramnivas Rara’s strong support base in Hisar assembly constituency will definitely help him succeed.

Ramniwas rara election office congress candidate hisar assembly

Congress candidate Ramnivas Rara expressed his gratitude to all the people who arrived at the inauguration of the election office and said that my greatest strength is your blessings, love, and support. He said that he is getting immense love and blessings of the people in every constituency of Hisar Legislative Assembly. There is great resentment from the functioning of the current MLA and this time he is in the mood to teach a lesson to the BJP. People want to bring the same golden period of Congress rule again, that is why the people of Hisar Assembly and entire Haryana have made full preparations to outset the BJP from power by voting in support of Congress.

A large number of people were present at the inauguration, including business leaders Mangal Dhalia, Banarasi Halwai, Radhakishan Narang, Ramesh Kiroriwal, Saini Sabha Trust head Om Prakash Siswala, Snehlata Nimble, Krishna Gopal, Subhash Goyal, Gupta David.

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