Psychosomatic disorder: Depression

1 year ago

Our life always has two aspects: joy –suffering, defeat-victory, success -failure. Under such circumstance, the person who is stable will be able to balance his mind. Who can’t bear his patience in these circumstances; he becomes victim of psychotic diseases and feels stress, depression, phobia, hysteria etc.

Depression is a disease that makes the person sad and weak from inside. Depression of mind is increasing in human society day by day. People do not treat it as a disease and do not get treatment and keep living a depressed life. They do not even know that treatment of this disease is possible. People need to get rid of this misconception, so that they can again laugh and lead a happier life.

Today, experts have proved this by research that treatment of this disease is possible just like any other disease. Our brain that controls all the body functions is composed of crore of cells called neurons. Each neuron communicates with other neuron through neurometer. Change in some neuron meter causes depression.

The symptoms are as follows:

The depressed person doesn’t take interest in any work. His mind gets bored from home, family, business, enjoyment, pleasure etc.  Sometimes situation become so worst that he feels to get suicide.

Depression is of two types: Reactive and Endogenous. There must be some reason for reactive depression to occur like death of a loved one, financial loss, fail in exam or love whereas endogenous depression can be because of changes in hormones. The problem arises due to imbalance in the secretion of glands. Depression affects the people of 25 to 45 years of age but it effect goes on increasing with age. In children, its symptoms are different like irritability, stubbornness, not interested in going to school and less concentration in studies. A depressed person surrounds himself from his personal problems so well that he get isolated from the outer world. This lead to monotonous and Despair life.

Preventive measures:  Some of the medical areas that proved beneficial in curing depression are psychotherapy, electronic therapy, meditation, yoga and acupressure. Medicines can also cure the condition but they have side effects too.


Psychotherapy is the therapy in which psychologist try to understand the patient’s mind through certain set of question. Psychologists try to provide solutions to them so that any fear or bad imagination don’t make home in patient’s mind. Depressed person should be encouraged to do meditation, yoga and acupressure sessions. Giving pressure on pituitary, nervous and adrenal glands points will help in balancing the hormonal level.


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