Prithviraj Chauhan: First look of poster of the movie revealed

1 year ago

Today is 52nd birthday of Akshay Kumar and on this occasion, Akshay Kumar and YashRaj films together gifted an amazing gift to their fans. Where fans are waiting for the next 5 movies of Akshay Kumar, now the 6th movie has also been announced with great enthusiasm.

Today Akshay Kumar has revealed a teaser of his new upcoming film “Prithviraj” as a retuned gift to his fans. The teaser is showing only a motion poster of Prithviraj. There is no image revealed of Akshay.

Akshay Kumar has tweeted about this teaser on his Twitter account saying “Elated to share about my 1st historical film on my birthday! Humbled to have the opportunity to play a hero I look up to for his valor & values- Samrat Prithviraj Chauhan in one of my biggest films”

Deepak Kumar

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