OnePlus 7 Mirror Blue

One Plus 7 is launching its new “OnePlus 7 Mirror Blue” variant.

1 year ago

The OnePlus 7 which was launched on May 14 in India is now going to have its new variant the OnePlus 7 Mirror Blue. It is officially confirmed by the company on Monday. The phone is set to launch at Amazon Prime Day Sale on 15th of July. The price of the mirror blue model is Rs 32,999.

It is the third variant of OnePlus 7 after Mirror Grey and Red. The positive feedback they got from India is the reason why OnePlus 7 is focusing on India and now they are going to launch OnePlus 7 in a new colour. OnePlus revealed this information on twitter account “A new baby joins the family The #OnePlus7MirrorBlue drops on the 15th of July on @AmazonIN”

Deepak Kumar

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