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Navratri 2018 : Worship Maa Kaalratri on the 7th day of Navaratri

2 years ago

The seventh form of Maa Durga honors Maa Kalratri. She is considered to be the most dangerous form of Durga. She is the goddess who believed to be the destroyer of all demons, ghosts and negative energy. She is called Kalratri because she rules the night portion of day and night.

The complexion of Kalaratri is that of the darkest of nights with bountiful hair and a heavenly shaped form. She has four hands – the left two hands hold a scimitar and a thunderbolt and the right two are in the varada (blessing) and abhaya (protecting) mudras. She wears a necklace that shines like the moon. Kaalratri has three eyes which emanate rays like lightning.

The story behind her creation is believed to be that there were two demons Shumbh and Nishumbh who were disturbing the devtas. The ruler of dev, Indra went to lord shiva for help. There goddess parvati heard their prayer and created a devi called ‘chandi’. ‘Chand’ and ‘Mund’ were the two demons sent by the shumbh and nishumbh to kill the devtas but devi ‘ chandi’ created a new form ‘kali’ which was more fierce and killed those demons and hence get name chamunda.

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Another demon ‘Raktbeeja’ who was blessed that if any drop of blood fall on ground, his clones appears. In war with kalratri, his blood spilt on ground and created clones of him. To defeat him, devi formed her furious form and drank all his blood to stop it from falling down and killed raktbeeja.

Goddess Kaalratri can be seen as bearing doom for evil-doers. But she always bears good fruits for her devotees and should avoid fear when faced with her, for she removes the darkness of worry from life of such devotees.


Maa Kalratri Aarti :-

Kaalaraatri jay-jay mahaakaalee .

kaal ke munh se bachaanevaalee ..

dusht sanghaarak naam tumhaara .

mahaachandee tera avataara ..

prthvee aur aakaash pe saara .

mahaakaalee hai tera pasaara ..

khadg khappar rakhanevaalee .

dushton ka lahoo chakhanevaalee ..

kalakatta sthaan tumhaara .

sab jagah dekhoon tera najaara ..

sabhee devata sab nar-naaree .

gaaven stuti sabhee tumhaaree ..

raktadanta aur annapoorna .krpa kare to koee bhee dukh na koee chinta rahe beemaaree .na koee gam na sankat bhaaree par kabhee kasht na aave .mahaakaalee maan jise bachaave ..too bhee bhakt prem se kah .kaalaraatri maan teree jay ..


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