Lumbini (Nepal) – The Mecca of every Buddhist

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Lumbini- The birthplace of Lord Buddha is an important pilgrimage for the devotees of Gautama Buddha. Gautama Buddha was the son of queen Mayadevi and King Suddhodana Gautama. It is said that queen Mayadevi gave birth to prince Siddhartha who later became Gautama Buddha while on her way to parental home Devadaha. She gave birth to him under a sal tree while resting that’s why that tree is very much worshiped by the devotees.

Situated at the foothills of Himalayas and listed under the UNESCO world Heritage site, Lumbini is a peaceful and totally revered city. One will get the glimpse of Buddhism everywhere as it is the birthplace of Buddha. There are number of temples, monasteries and stupas built by Buddhist communities from all over the world. Myanmar Golden temple, World peace pagoda, China temple, Ashoka pillar and many monasteries and temples are there where one can visit and bathed in the culture of Buddhism.

Myanmar Golden temple
Ashoka Pillar

The most sacred of among all sites is Maya Devi Temple. The temple is built on the place where Buddha was born to Queen Maya Devi. It is a white building that protects the exact spots of Buddha’s birth. A pious pond is there where Maya Devi took ritual bath and it is believed to be the same pond where Buddha took his first bath. The temple also have a pillar believed to be constructed by the King Ashoka during his visit to Lumbini in 249B.C. It has inscriptions on it which marked the importance of Lumbini as birthplace of Buddha. It is surrounded by small fence and decorated with colorful prayer flags.

Maya Devi Temple
Inside View of Maya Devi Temple

Apart from Buddhism, Lumbini is also famous as the site of wide range of Bird Species like crane, owls, gyps, eagles etc.

To see all these attractions and temples, it is visited by thousands of Buddhists and Hindus every year.

Buddhist Prayer flag

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