Inauguration of Divine Library in Hisar

2 years ago

Today, dated 9 Sept, 2018 under ‘Mahasatsang, Hisar Divine Library was inaugurated by Vishal Sripaul, founder Mahasatsang Foundation. The chief motive of this library is to make available the ‘Spiritual books’ to massive population.

This library is rare and noble initiative in itself with its chief purpose to serve mankind, by making spiritual books available. For which, the foundation has given its bit by announcing and inviting the recollection of Spiritual books available to common reader at a place, accessible to each interested reader.

As the saying goes, that knowledge increases if you share it, this library invites contribution from common man to come forward for this noble cause.
To submit and share the books, you have, you are hereby, informed to submit and share the books available for contribution at Library situated at Vishesh Academy of Commerce, Fawara Chowk. The main right of books shall be kept to its owner. This way, we can keep our custom of conserving and sharing knowledge, alive.

On the auspicious inaugural ceremony, Mr. Sunil, Manjit, Smt, Monika, Manju from Ludhiana Unit and Mr. Sunil Jain, Mr. Pravesh, Sh. Parmeshwar and Mr. Vishal Jindal, were present.

For more information, one can contact on 9729070795 or 9812215999

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