Healthy Heart tips by Dr. Sehgal on World Heart Day

2 years ago

In a press conference, Dr. Dinesh Sehgal, a famous Cardiologist from Sapra Multispeciality Hospital told that World Heart day takes place on 29th Sept. every year and is the world’s biggest platform for raising awareness about cardiovascular disease including heart diseases and stroke. Every individual should take care of his and his loved one’s Heart. That’s why theme of this year Heart day is My Heart Your Heart. It is all about saying to ourselves and the people we care about and individuals all around the world, “what can I do right now to look after MY HEART and YOUR HEART?” This year campaign is to make a promise as an individual to get more active, say no to smoking and to eat more healthily.  A simple promise for my Heart, for your Heart and for all our Heart.

Heart Disease is an issue of major concern in India. As about 17 million death occurs worldwide every year from heart disease. It account for 1 in 4 death in our country. One person dies of a heart attack every 33 secs from sedentary life style to poor eating habits. 80% of them can be preventable by following  simple measures including Physical activity, taking healthy diet, quitting tobacco, alcohol and smoking. Cut out on Junk food, Go for regular check- ups at least yearly and keep stress at bay by listening music, meditation, reading and laughing. Having healthy heart is a bliss that’s why we should follow these measures and promised ourselves that we will take care of our heart and other’s heart.


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